Modern Man

Event has passed (Sat Nov 9, 2013 - Sat Nov 9, 2013)
Brick & Mortar Music Hall
9:00 PM
$7 - $10
Music, Indie Music


Sound of light, fleeting darkness, wave of enlightenment. Droning echoes, whirling, driving, pushing, pulling, morphing the atmosphere. Reverberation, saturation, intoxication. Noise bleeds through a cloud of cascading layers until unity is acquired, lost in a sea of sound.

Modern Man began as David Allen Glenn’s solo recording project in spring 2010. Only looking for an outlet from other projects, including The Last Van Zant, We Are Now, Coma Cinema(Fork and Spoon), and Birds of Prey (Relapse), MM has become something he never intended. Experimenting with different effects, achieving a new style, Glenn began performing as a solo act. A chance-encounter led Glenn to developing his music with drummer, Jeff Perry. Modern Man was beginning to take a new shape as Glenn sought additional musicians, taking on guitarist, Brian Draper (Secret Vessels, Back Seat Dreamer) and bassist Jose Davila (Graven Hand). After releasing their first full length, Walk Away, conflicting schedules made performances difficult for Perry, upon substituting during a Coma Cinema / Modern Man 2011 summer tour, Nikki Calvert was asked to take his place.

Their third and most recent release, Eyes No, serves as a transitional album for the group’s new line up. Just before its debut in spring 2012, MM were picked up by Virginia based record label, Custom Made Music and later added to Shoplifter Booking’s roster. With new influences and inspiration, the focal content shifts from Walk Away’s dominant theme of romantic failure, to a deeper exploration of social and political perspective. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Glenn, the sound is lush, driven and captivating. Echoes of guitars mesh with haunting vocals as they drift atop surging bass lines, anchored by relentless drum force; MM’s sound is not easily accessible in comparison, but entirely surreal and unforgettable.

Dark and hypnotic, MM’s live performance also carries a lasting effect. The energy shared between the four-piece spills into the crowd as each member’s presence is fiercely intense. Glenn seems possessed, leading the others and the crowd through some sinister labyrinth of distortion.


  1. Brick & Mortar Music Hall
    1710 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA