Mint Condition

Event has passed (Sat Jan 18, 2014 - Sat Jan 18, 2014)
Former Yoshi's San Francisco Location - Now Closed
8pm & 10pm
Music, R&B/Soul


Back by popular demand!

Friday-Saturday, Jan 17-18

8pm $45
10pm $45

“Sounding just as energetic and commanding as ever, Mint Condition can still do it all, from writing and shifting seamlessly among R&B/funk, hip hop, jazz and rock-all without falling into the formulaic abyss. Mint Condition is proof positive that it's OK to keep doing your thing.” -Billboard Magazine

Once upon a time there were great funk/R&B bands like Earth Wind & Fire, The Meters, War, Kool & The Gang, Slave, and numerous others who constantly broke down musical barriers. Their musicality was superior – they could rock or funk out as easily as they could move the crowd with a tenor soulful ballad. The rise of electronic music gradually undermined self-contained bands but in the 90s, a dynamic, young, new band emerged that took the R&B world by storm—Mint Condition. Two decades on, Mint Condition stands in a class by themselves. The dynamic ensemble along with The Roots as the only high-profile examples of a self-contained, hit-making band in R&B and hip hop. Mint Condition has rightfully taken the throne as the greatest R&B band of our time. “We’re headed in the right direction. It’s kind of strange to say this after two decades but we feel it’s our time now,” reflect the band members of Mint Condition. “We’ve paid a lot of dues, been schooled in the business and honed our craft. We’ve gone to the ‘puppet show’ and seen the strings!”

In an industry when acts constantly come and go, Mint Condition has managed to maintain and grow a devout following. Their strategy has been simple. “We have focused on staying true to what we do. Our music gives the people a kind of insight into who we are. There is a vulnerability that comes across in the music and people embrace that, whether it’s joy, love or pain,” explains the band. 2011 was a banner year for Mint Condition, who celebrated their 20th anniversary. Their album 7… was critically hailed, featuring a top ten hit (“Not My Daddy” with Kelly Price, which earned two Grammy nominations) and two top 20 singles (“Caught My Eye” and “Walk On”). Jet Magazine called 7… “The kind of CD you can put on and play all the way through, and The Philadelphia Inquirer raved, “This is what honest, open, mature soul sounds like. Pay attention!” Mint Condition was also tapped to appear on Prince’s Welcome 2 America tour and they were selected as the house band for TV One’s Way Black When. Prince has often called Mint his favorite band. “In many ways, he (Prince) continues to be a mentor for us,” says keyboardist Lawrence El. “He's a musical genius yet he is never condescending. He has a way of making you feel he's your biggest fan—we certainly are his! He's the best. Watching him perform always sends you back to the shed; you know you still have work to do.”