Matcha and Mindfulness, 1-Day Tea Retreat in San Francisco

Event has passed (Sun Jan 21, 2018 - Sun Jan 21, 2018)
San Francisco
10:00 AM
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Step into a one-day retreat to explore the beauty and majesty of the Matcha Tea Lifestyle.
From the smelling of the tea to the preparation of the tea to the drinking of the tea – the many moments before, during and afterwards – tea offers a beautiful and profound experience as you let it envelop your senses and your body. In many ways, tea beautifully mirrors our life.
The Matcha Tea Lifestyle integrates tea as a source of nourishment for the body, mind and spirit.
Joining with other tea lovers, you’ll spend an uplifting and enlightening day learning how to integrate tea and mindfulness into each day as a way to create more health, joy and peace in your life.
In this retreat, you will learn how to deepen your awareness of Matcha, how to bring that tea into your life as a practice, and how that tea can benefit your physical and mental wellbeing. Matcha has many health benefits ranging from regulating blood sugar to boosting your energy to relaxing your body and keeping you calm. Matcha also offers the opportunity to cultivate mindfulness, presence, ritual and harmony.
Tea is an ancient tradition that many are returning to as we seek insight and possibility amidst the challenges we are facing individually and collectively.


  1. San Francisco

    San Francisco, San Francisco, CA