Event has passed (Fri Feb 7, 2014 - Sun Feb 9, 2014)
ODC Theater
7 pm
$20 - $38
Music, Dance, Electronic Music, Modern Dance


Anna and The Annadroids Presents Man(u)fractured, an evening length multi-media dance theater concert that takes an abstract look at current environmental issues and how they impact man. Man fracturing man, fracturing his environment, fracturing his self ultimately creates a (man)ipulated, man(u)fractured state of existence. This production fuses innovative choreography, interactive video design, and a dynamic musical score to create a truly unique and entertaining production.

Choreographer/Director: Anna Sullivan (Choreographer of the Year 2013, Bay Area Dance Watch)
Visual Artist/Designer: Alexi Alexaieff
Dancers: Ildiko Polony, Carlyn Pitterle, Kristin Damrow, Esther Bramlett, and Anna Sullivan
Costumes: Anna Sullivan
Music: ill.gates (SF), Tonikom (Broolkyn), Jon Hopkins (UK)

This production is supported by the Fleishhacker Foundation and Theater Bay Area's CA$H Grants Program.

Company Mission:
Anna and The Annadroids mission is to explore innovative ways to blend dance with artistic media such as video, fashion, graphic design, interactive technologies, and thought provoking concepts that address life in modern day society. Conceptually they address how humans are psychologically affected by the superficial, artificial, and emotionally detached way of life that is so widely accepted and embraced by modern day society.

The characters:
Anna and The Annadroids are meant to be fun-house mirrors that reflect an exaggerated image of the audience that is watching them. In this way, their artificial intelligence… their psycho-ward satire critiques contemporary American pop culture, a social order that all too often psychopathically embraces robotic conformity and mindless overindulgence.


  1. ODC Theater
    3153 17th St., San Francisco, CA