Long Tone Choir & Obstreperous Doves @ SIMM Series

Event has passed (Sun Dec 3, 2017 - Sun Dec 3, 2017)
Musicians Union Local 6
$10 - $15


Long Tone Choir
Nancy Beckman, Tom Bickley
Rae Diamond, Tony Domenick
Joe Kuta, Suki O'Kane, Eric Theise

Obstreperous Doves
Josh Marshall, Annelise Zamula – woodwinds
Scott Walton, Bill Noertker – basses
Bethany Schwarz, Daniel Pearce – percussions

The Long Tone Choir is a manifold project that explores sound, time, and breath through duration and mindful attention. Founded by Rae Diamond in 2013, the choir consists of local and national communities of singers that perform Diamond's composition-meditations. This repertoire creates biotic and centripetal developments of sound, time and perception by using the inherently irregular tempo of breath as the musical pulse, playing within the harmonic series with specific pitches, vowels and vocal manipulations, and traversing the ragged edges of harmonic adventure through aleatory methods.
Rae Diamond is an interdisciplinary artist and healer, whose work explores time, perception, meditation, and nature. Rae received a degree in music composition from The Evergreen State College, studied intonation and long tone singing with harmonic singing adept, Stephen Fandrich, is the founder and director of the Long Tone Choir, and works as a freelance illustrator and astrologer.

Obstreperous Doves was founded in 2011 by bassist/composer Bill Noertker as a forum for improvised group praxis.
Though the dove is traditionally a symbol of peace, the quest for peaceful coexistence is not necessarily passive. In the democracy of group improvisation, obstreperousness is valued. In music it is possible to assert one’s own voice and to simultaneously listen to and value the voices of one’s fellow human beings. This is the ethos of the Obstreperous Doves.
Each member of this mixed gender, cross-generational ensemble brings their own wide range of musical experiences. All are composers, improvisers, bandleaders, and sidepersons. All have played in a variety of situations and genres. All are able to draw from their wealth of experience to engage each other in improvised musical conversation.



  1. Musicians Union Local 6 116 9th Street, San Francisco, CA