Lomelda & Spellling

Event has passed (Thu Aug 9, 2018 - Thu Aug 9, 2018)
McEvoy Foundation for the Arts (MFA)
7:00 - 9:00 pm


The McEvoy Foundation for the Arts (MFA) hosts Lomelda & Spellling, co-presented with Noise Pop. The concert is part of For the Sake of Summer, MFA's film and music series featuring an eclectic mix of musicians and filmmakers.

If you were to ask Hannah Read what Lomelda means, you’d probably end up with some kind of non-answer. Lomelda is about memory, intimacy, and the tragedies of distance. As a band, it has appeared in several forms over the years, but always, to Hannah, Lomelda has been about discovering friendship and connection. Close collaborators have become closer friends. And when you see Lomelda, when you hear it, it is apparent that Hannah cares deeply about the connection made with the people on stage, the connection with you.

For the Sake of Summer expands upon film and music motifs and cultural themes explored in MFA’s summer exhibition, Ragnar Kjartansson: Scenes from Western Culture. The music series presents a sonic compliment to Kjartansson’s video installations that are “about a feeling, but there’s no story.” For the Sake of Summer is co-presented with Canyon Cinema, Noise Pop, and the Roxie Theater. For details visit mcevoyarts.org.


  1. McEvoy Foundation for the Arts (MFA) 1150 25th Street, San Francisco, CA