likeiloveyou, District 8, Lily Holbrook

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Hotel Utah Saloon
09:00 PM
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Featuring former members of TeamSnuggles and Fleetwood Mike, likeiloveyou combines a diverse mix of power pop, soul and four-on-the-floor in its sound.

District 8

District 8 was born when five acquaintances from a neighborhood in the center of San Francisco, sharing an appreciation for music of the 70's and 90's, got together to make some music and have some fun. It quickly coalesced into a tight rock and roll outfit. Hard rock, album rock, traditional rock, call it what you like. It's about structure, power, vocal harmony, drums and of course, loud guitars. While honing their craft at bars, parties and festivals they built up a repertoire of original music and have recently released their first album, Interruptions.

Lily Holbrook

~~~Lily Holbrook’s sweetly provocative voice snags your soul from the first strains of "Welcome To the Slaughter." Like a more sultry Tori Amos, with a touch of gruff vibrato ala Stevie Nicks, Lily is like a tortured angel trying to keep aloft. Her attempts create music that is stunningly beautiful and often brutally poignant with the lyrical content. The intensity she creates through mostly mellow music is mesmerizing. -Mark Waterbury, Music Morsels~~~

For years fans of Boston born singer/songwriter Lily Holbrook all had one thing in common…a subway token! Lily was a regular fixture inside the Park Street Subway Station, performing to ever increasing enthusiastic crowds of commuters.

Describing her music as melancholic rock, Lily’s influences have always been diverse, ranging from Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd to Tori Amos, PJ Harvey and The Cure. Of her latest album the artist says “This is my most accomplished work and fully represents who I am as an artist.” As legendary producer Glen Ballard (Alanis Morisette, No Doubt, Michael Jackson) says: “Lily Holbrook is the real deal!”

Lily now calls San Francisco her home and has begun working on her fourth album. Her passion for causes such as LGBTQI rights, animal welfare, at risk youth and women’s issues has her donating her musical talents to various charitable organizations throughout the bay area. She continues to busk and delight fans, locals and tourists with her impromtu concerts.


  1. Hotel Utah Saloon 500 4th St, San Francisco, CA