KK Martin

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Biscuits & Blues
7:30pm & 9:30pm
Music, Blues


K.K. Martin is a fourth generation talented Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist/Musician/ Arranger/Producer/Engineer/all-around Entertainer born in West Monroe, Louisiana. Exposed in the womb to the music of Jimmie Rodgers, Robert Johnson and Hank Williams; he began touring with his parents band at age 10, was transplanted to California in 1969, and cut his teeth on the local L.A. rock scene at age 16 landing a brief stint with the Albert Collins Backup Band. As a stalwart in the 1980’s L.A. scene, Martin was a founding member of the band A La Carte, recorded and played with Donald (Duck) Dunn, It's a Beautiful Day, Eric Burden, Booker T, Rick Derringer, Lester Chambers, Andy Johns, The Chambers Brothers, and Shark Island. He shared stages with, Journey, Van Halen, Motley Crue, Black Oak Arkansas, Blondie, UFO, Johnny Winters, Mike Campbell, (of the Heartbreakers) Glenn Cambell, and The Busboys, to name just a few.
In the late 90’s KK rediscovered his roots, producing, recording and performing Delta Blues in the old solo artist traditions and style. Martin was honored at the 9th Annual HOUSE of BLUES, Los Angeles MUSIC AWARDS being voted "OUTSTANDING BLUES ARTIST”. His Delta Blues debut, “Naked Blues” featured Martin’s amazing fretwork, the finger styling he learned at his grandmothers knee, but also emphasized his vocal performance and emotion; dark and suffused with undertones of danger.

K.K. Martin is a musician’s musician who “delivers polished material via its basic components - a man, a guitar, and a microphone "


  1. Biscuits & Blues
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