Event has passed (Fri May 9, 2014 - Fri May 9, 2014)
Castro Theatre
7:20 & 9:45
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SPEED 7:20 20th Anniversary!

Ranked as one of Quentin Tarantino's favorites films of the past 20 years but more importantly, this adrenalin-pumped, Point Break-inspired powerhouse has to be experienced in the best movie theatre in the United States of America to be truly understood. Director Jan De Bont (cinematographer of Die Hard and Basic Instinct) upped the ante by sticking Sandra Bullock behind the wheel of her own bus (no VFX here baby) while allowing Keanu Reeves to do the majority of his own spectacular stunts. With both actors as well as the ghost screenwriter Joss Whedon all celebrating their 50th birthdays this year, what better way to kick off the summer than to showcase the 20th Anniversary of one of the most exciting Action spectacles of our generation? Preceded by a slew of nail biting 1990s Action trailers. (1994, 116min, 35mm ‘Scope)

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GONE iN 60 SECONDS 9:45 40th Anniversary!

Nothing tops this jaw-dropping, slow-burning, pre-CGI, car-smashing extravaganza which showcases the longest and most elaborate car chase scene in film history! Sensation H.B. Halicki literally does it all, along with Eleanor his 1971 Ford Mustang (the only car in history to receive star title credit in a movie.) This quintessential exploitation flick's only cinematic goal is to steal and destroy as many cars as possible in 105 minutes and it has inspired more than just the Nicolas Cage 2000 remake of the same name. (Try Spike Jonze's Sabotage video for The Beastie Boys as well as Quentin Tarantino's 2007 Grindhouse entry Death Proof.) The time has come to celebrate get off your ass and attend the 40th Anniversary of this truly independent and homemade oddity with a pristine 35mm print that includes the original soundtrack not available on DVD/BluRay! Preceded by other obscure exploitation trailers from the 1970s. (1974, 105 min, 35mm)


  1. Castro Theatre
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