Journey of the Soul: A Poetic & Musical Show - To Heal WithIn & Together

Event has passed (Sun Dec 16, 2018 - Sun Dec 16, 2018)
Noe Valley Ministry
06:00 PM
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On the 5th anniversary of the Kaavya Connections, a day before Sheb-i-Arus - Rumi's Wedding Night - Dec 17th, 2018. Let's celebrate Rumi, Hafez, and other Sufi poets and poems with healing music as part of the show - Journey of the Soul - To Heal WithIn & Together.
Recitations in Persian, Punjabi, Urdu, Hindi, and Sanskrit with accompanying translations in English. Bathe in waves of divinely inspired poetry with transcendent soundscapes by the Khatchadour Khatchadourian - vocals, singing and duduk, and Murmurations Duo on cello, Shruti, tuning forks, saxophone, clarinet, Tibetan bowls, blossom bells, frame drum, balafon, glockenspiel, chimes, voice, small percussion, and gong.
Intention & Why?:
For all those who believe that women, refugees, immigrants, children, people of all faiths, sexual orientation and color need healing through belonging and connecting with the community together, we have a poetic and musical healing show for you and each one of them.
For all those who believe women and men who marched, and resisting every day need healing this is a show for you and each one of them.
For all those who believe your friends, family and loved ones have gone through a lot of pain and trauma this year and need healing this show is for each one of them and you.
We are all in this together.
Audience feedback on "Journey of the Soul""I feel I am reborn after this one and a half hour of the show. It changed my life.""It was absolutely wonderful!""Great show. I really enjoyed the music and poetry. The oboe and the cello are my two favorite instruments." 
Pay what makes you heal, nourished, connected with your soul, and community in this healing journey together.
Online and at the door - Suggested Donation: $15.00 - $20.00For Activists, Women, Immigrants, Children, People of Color & Need Based - 50 Tickets - Free (First Come First Served)
Note: Chairs will be available for your relaxation and enjoyment. Bring yoga mats, cushions, back jacks, and pillows. The venue is spacious, yet intimate, and has a peaceful energy. Tea will be provided.
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Khatchadour Khatchadourian -
Murmurations Duo -
Khatchadour was born in Lebanon and grew up singing for 7 years in the Syrian-Armenian children's choir, Karoun. He credits the start of his musical focus on meditative genres to his early years singing in Armenian Orthodox church. He began playing the Armenian woodwind, Duduk, in 2006 under Shea A.J. Comfort's instruction. He holds Bachelor's degrees in both Anthropology & Middle Eastern Studies from the University of California, Berkeley. He lives in the San Francisco Bay Area.
Suellen Primost, a seasoned, conservatory trained cellist, recording artist, and sound healer, is known for her soulful expressivity and versatility across genres ranging from classical and jazz to many types of world music: Celtic, Middle Eastern, Balkan, Indian Classical and Ambient. With Jérémy Marais and The Murmurations Duo, Suellen offers Music/World Poetry Salons and Sound Healing. She performs with Sonic Shamanic, Soul Tones, Espiritu Ensembles, Spiral Dance Chamber Jazz, Rumi’s Caravan, Ya L'ayl, Laura Inserra, Rajhesh Vaidhya, Janapriya Levine, Shivpreet Singh, Gary Hegedus, Shay Nicols, Christine Tulis, Eostar Kamala, and Clare Hedin. Seeérémy Marais, born and raised in the French Alps, started to study saxophone as a kid and very soon developed a strong interest in improvised music. He has been living and studying traditional music in various parts of the world: West Africa, Spain, India, Turkey, and Israel. As a multi-instrumentalist, Jérémy, in addition to alto and baritone sax, performs with clarinet, frame drum, kalimba, Shruti box, and various little percussions. Jérémy performed with international bands touring internationally for many years. During the last 10 years through various significant spiritual experiences, Jérémy discovered the power music has to affect reality, to help shift, heal, let go, release, journey and grow. He is now using his musical skills toward this goal of doing regular “Sound Healing Journeys” with the various project: “The Murmurations Duo”, Laura Inserra and “ Sonic Shamanic”. He offers one on one healing sessions using voice, music, energy healing and somatic approach. Jérémy also offers weekly workshops on “Music Sound and Voice Improvisation”. More info at


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