Journey of Hanuman: reception for Lola Creel

Event has passed (Sat Jul 6, 2013 - Sat Jul 6, 2013)
The Emerald Tablet
Arts, Art Opening, Gallery


The Emerald Tablet hosts an opening reception for Lola Creel, whose new film Journey of Hanuman is currently being released on the festival circuit and is the heart of July's exhibit, which also includes select stills from the film and a series of special events.

Journey of Hanuman captures monuments still existing in India that have not been disturbed by globalization. The shots are overlaid by the poetry of Nobel prize winner Octavio Paz, as read by Peter Coyote, and include an intricate series of underwater dance choreography relating classic scenes of Indian mythology. Perhaps best of all, cinematography was done by Ron Fricke, who mastered such films as Koyannisqatsi, Baraka, and, recently, Samsara.

The evening is an opportunity to see unreleased clips from the film as well as the collection of stills. Delicious complimentary food, and drinks by donation.

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  1. The Emerald Tablet
    80 Fresno St., San Francisco, CA