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Thrilling Cardiff-based noisepop five-piece Joanna Gruesome just released their terrific sophomore album via Slumberland Records.

'On their 2013 debut Weird Sister, Joanna Gruesome rubbed sugar up against sandpaper until both started to melt. Clean leads and light, melodic vocals trickled into oceans of fuzz under song titles like "Wussy Void" and "Anti-Parent Cowboy Killers". Two years later and they haven't evened out. Peanut Butter could have smoothed the Cardiff band's sound, finding the happy middle between their rough edges and sticky-sweet center. Instead, it pushes the group's music further out toward both extremes.

Weird Sister flung a few deliberate curveballs, like the "wrong" chords that rocked "Madison" off its equilibrium. Peanut Butter is a tornado full of curveballs. At a slight 22 minutes, it bursts and buzzes, locking into patterns and then exploding out of them once you think you've figured them out. Joanna Gruesome is still partial to melody—the pop syrup flows freely after a quick hardcore fake-out at the beginning of "Last Year"—but the hooks have lost their primacy inside the band's rough collage. The most interesting parts are now the serrated edges, the way textures brush up against textures, and how unstable the whole freewheeling machine can get.' --Pitchfork
Tony Molina
Tony Molina
Tony Molina has never suffered a shortage of musical outlets over the years. He was the frontman of the late, great SF band Ovens. He played in Sopors. He's the lead guitarist for Violent Change and also sings for Caged Animal. Now he's back with his first solo effort, a punk-infused indie rock record called Dissed and Dismissed, out yesterday on SF label Melters.

Dissed and Dismissed's 12 tracks live up to the record's outsider-oriented title, reeking of disenchantment and disaffection, with Molina's laid back vocal style coursing over the top of fuzzed out riffs. In fact, Molina's songwriting exudes such an air of disillusionment and alienation, that even his attention span for his own craft is maddeningly short – the entire record clocks in at just over 11 minutes.


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