Jing Shui Temple

47810 Warm springs Blvd, Fremont, CA
+1 408.614.6432
Jing Shui Temple Website
Religion, Buddhist Temple
Sun (9am - 5pm)
Mon (Closed)
Tue - Sat (9am - 5pm)
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Jing Shui is a Buddhist Temple established through the compassionate vow of the Venerable Buddhist Master Fo Fu. Its main purpose is to provide a platform for the public and local communities to study and practice Buddhism, improve your physical, emotional, and spiritual well being. Through education and service, we want to enable people to relax, better handle the stress of everyday life, and live happier and healthier lives.

We provide a variety of education and services, including the following:
- Dharma teaching
- Advanced meditation
- Tibetan Tantra Jin-Gang Gong (Diamond Cosmic Energy Exercise)
- Accept the requests for blessing from Buddha for both the living and the dead

The meaning of “Jing Shui”
Jing Shui refers to the soothing holy water of mercy, healing water, poured out from holy vase in the hand of Guan Yin Bodhisattva. The water symbolizes the cleansing of people's illnesses.