Fri April 19, 2013

Jamie Jones

Deep Blue and Public Works Present:

JAMIE JONES (Hot Natured / Hot Creations / Crosstown Rebels)

+ Rooz (Deep Blue)
+ Bo (Deep Blue)
+ Dax (The MML)

+ Tba support

Funktion One Sound

$25 at the door if available.


Don't miss this rare show to catch Jamie Jones, one of the most in demand house music DJs on the planet at Public Works on the crisp Funtion1 sound. Jamie Jones has been on fire, the last couple of years especially getting voted #1 DJ in the world on RA's DJs Poll and place top 20, three years in a row. Jamie is known for dropping 6 hour + sets across the globe and blowing minds on the dance floor. Not to mention producing some amazing tunes on Crosstown Rebels and his own Hot Creations label. This is one show that you don't want to miss. We suggest you grab advanced tickets especially since Jamie has not played in SF for about 2 years.

Jamie Jones Bio
The two most important things and best moves I’ve ever made in my life are moving to London and going to work in Ibiza. Especially going to Ibiza, a huge percentage of my friends are people I met out there, or met through people who know each other from there. I’ve got a lot of friends from that time in my life still. It’s a real meeting point, a hub for people who are likeminded.

My first release was ‘Amazon’ on Freak n’Chic. I made it in 2006 in Logic. It was the first thing I was happy with enough. I’d made hundreds of songs by then but had always said to myself I wasn’t ready to release anything until it was good enough for my favourite labels at the time, which were Freak n’Chic, Crosstown Rebels and Poker Flat. When I was staying with Dan Ghenacia in his house in Ibiza I played it to him and he said “you don’t have to pay me any rent for the summer if you sign this track to Freak n’Chic” so I said yes of course.

After that I did a track called ‘Panic’, which was influenced by a trip to Panoramabar when Villalobos was playing. Shortly after when I was in Ibiza I played it at an afterparty where Dyed Soundorom, Dan Ghenacia and Damian Lazarus and a bunch of others were and they all wanted to sign it. That was the first time I had to decide who I wanted it to go to which can be tricky and happens a lot in this industry. It was an odd situation but in the end I chose Crosstown Rebels. It was a London based record label so that made sense to be part of that. Damian and me have been friends for years and ever since he has supported me and pushed my sound, asking me to do an album shortly after that.

I wanted to start my own label for a few years but never really got round to it. I’m the type of person who has a lot of ideas, almost too many but I never seem to get them all into action as I have too many distractions. I’ve known Lee Foss for around 10 years from Ibiza. Then a few years back we were hanging out in a house on the Monday aftermath of Miami and we realized we were getting back into disco at the same time. We decided to return the next year to do a similar party for all our friends but in a club listening to disco music for the last day of WMC, and that’s how we came up with Hot Natured. So it started as a party then we started making music together, initially for the LA based label Culprit but soon we decided to do a label for ourselves. I got it going back here in London and then Lee moved over. All of a sudden we had too much music and it spiraled into a string of sublabels.
At the end of the day we’re a big family. Whether its Crosstown Rebels, Visionquest, Hot Creations we are a big group of mates, who like hanging out with each other. So when people like Rob James and Richy Ahmed, Subb-an and these guys come along, they are cool young guys who are enthusiastic. I am always confident in myself so I would never feel threatened. The only thing I want to do is see my friends have success and being able to enjoy the life I am enjoying, travelling, making music and meeting the people I am. There’s so many great opportunities out there so there’s enough to go around.

I went to fabric first in 1999. It had been open two weeks and I’d just moved to London so I went with my best friend. We got there and there was a huge queue all the way round the corner. Coming from Wales we just had shirts on and no jackets in November so we went to the front of the guestlist queue and I managed to catch a glimpse of the list and saw Chris C + 1. So we got in free VIP first time at fabric at 18. It was brilliant. I think we saw Dave Angel, stood in room 2 going crazy, I was a lot more innocent back then.

I started playing there in 2006. Judy and Craig have always supported me as a DJ, even before I started releasing records. Then I’ve played there regularly since at least 2 or 3 times a year. I also used to do the unannounced warm up sets for a while which is where I learnt a lot. fabric is one of the most professional clubs out there. From the bar staff, to the door staff and obviously Judy and Scott, they have all put their heart and soul into it for years. You can really feel that everyone there really cares about their jobs. They are music lovers and they’re not just doing it to make money.

With the mix there’s a lot of tracks that have been famous in my sets for years and I never really heard anyone else play them or use them in a mix. So I wanted to put a mixture of stuff that I’ve been really into over the last few years, combined with stuff I’m into now, stuff that’s a bit more forward thinking from our label, labels like Visionquest and My Favourite Robot in Toronto which is quite unknown but brilliant. I wanted to give a perspective of my different styles in it. It’s more than an afterparty mix, which are my usual podcasts or mixes, its something you can really listen to.

I’m almost finished my second album for Crosstown Rebels. It’s a bunch of dancefloor tracks that haven’t been released before from the past 2 years or so. There’s a Hot Natured album, which I’m really excited about which is me, Lee Foss, Ali Love singing on some and Kenny Glasgow singing on some tracks too. It’s going to be a movie in a disc with lots of tripped out music, a War of the Worlds type journey. The music is bumpy, new garage, still house but with real bass and mostly vocal tracks. Myself and Ali Love are also working on a new project together. It’s 4/4 but most of it is real instruments slowed down funk, Cameo style. With me on keys and he plays bass and guitar.

I think there’s never been a moment in time where the lines between genres of dance music have been so blurred. I don’t know why but I myself have been playing such a broad range. If you’re hanging out with us you will hear everything from hip hop to disco to loopy techno. A lot of the guys from the bass scene are into what we do and vice versa and it’s a good time for mixing up all style of music. It amazed me in Glastonbury that I had everyone from 40 year olds to 18 year old approaching me to say they appreciate the music. Nowadays you can go to a festival like that and find dance, because dance music is taking over the world and the charts are full of people like David Guetta. You could play 16 year old kids a dance music set in a prom and they’d be open to it because dance music is pop music now in a certain way and it has filtered down. I don’t think I’ll ever be as massive as David Guetta but there’s certainly a way for us to infiltrate not the mainstream or the cooler pop market, the people who would buy an XX record for example. Hot Natured are never going to be catchy enough to be the biggest thing out there. Maybe we wont be no 1 in America or headlining the main stage of festival but.
Deep Blue and Public Works Present: JAMIE JONES (Hot Natured / Hot Creations / Crosstown Rebels) + Rooz (Deep Blue) + Bo (Deep Blue) + Dax (The MML) + Tba support...
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