Introducing the work of French artist Cyrille André

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Sculpturesite Gallery is pleased to announce the debut of French artist Cyrille André, represented for the first time by a US gallery with an exclusive online exhibition. André is the latest featured artist in Sculpturesite’s video series Inside the Sculptor’s Studio, capturing the artist at work in his studio in Marseille, France.

“My work is shaped by current events,” says sculptor Cyrille André in a recent interview for Sculpturesite Gallery. “My sculptures reflect our society and may evoke difficult subjects, such as solitude, suffering or the passage from life to death. But even when they are colossal, they are always benevolent.”

André is best known for his large-scale figures in slick black or white polyester resin with blank facial expressions that tower as high as 15’. His main preoccupation is with humanity, our origins and social interactions, but also our interconnectedness with animals. A series of large wood heads is an homage to migrants who attempt to cross the Mediterranean: the standing heads represent the ones who make it, while the heads that are laying down evoke the ones who die trying. “Gorilla,” an impressive hybrid being, is screaming, “Stop! Stop screwing up! Be kinder! It is a message for peace,” states André.

Cyrille André was born in Lyons, France, and received his DNSEP (Diplome National Supérieur d”Expression Plastique) from the Ecole d’Art de Grenoble in 1997. André began studying painting and drawing, but soon discovered his desire to sculpt: to be physically involved with the materials. He selects the material that is most appropriate for each work, based on the aesthetics and technical characteristics, but he also considers the symbolic associations.

This is Cyrille André’s first time being represented by a US gallery, although he has been shown at major international art fairs in Miami and Chicago. His work can be found in many European and American private, corporate and public collections.



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