Intro to Tarot Class: Magical & Intuitive Tarot Practice

Event has passed (Thu Dec 7, 2017 - Thu Dec 7, 2017)
Crystal Way
7-9:30 PM
$45 - $55


Intro toTarot Class:

Magical & Intuitive Tarot Practice

Come join us in this magical class with Expert Tarot Readers Marcela Veron, High Priestess and Casey Zabala, creator of Wanderer's Tarot deck and guide.

Dive into your intuition and deepen your inner guidance with the Tarot. This intro class will take you on a powerful journey through the 22 Major Arcana, Suits elements and basic tarot spread.

Each participant will divine their own personal Major Arcana Archetype to guide them throughout this journey of self-discovery. The perfect place to begin a serious study of the magical Tarot.

Class meeting will be held at Crystal Way 2 Inner Sunset in San Francisco.

Syllabus Description:

We will work with the Tarot's Journey through the Major Arcana, the symbolism of the tarot suits, and the essential numerology of the cards. Plus, we will talk about spreads and intuitive tarot for personal guidance

You can bring your own tarot deck or use one of ours. Tarot decks will be available to purchase for your convenience.


An intro to learn how to use THE TAROT

Special pre-registration for class is $45 or $55 at the door

Check out the facebook event page and let us know you are going!

Can't wait to share techniques in mastering this powerful guidance tool with you,

Marcela & Casey

(Tarot 2 Class will be held on 1/11 at Crystal Way 1 Market St.)


  1. Crystal Way 2335 Market Street, San Francisco, CA