Intro to Improv - Improv Games!

Event has passed (Sat Dec 15, 2018 - Sat Dec 15, 2018)
The Grotto
03:30 PM
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A joyful taste of improv where we play improv games! This is class is for all skill levels.
Why Improv? Improv helps people:

Listen and be present
Tap into creativity
Be better communicators
Celebrate making mistakes and be more resilient
Gracefully deal with uncertainty
Collaborate more effectively

YES AND in addition to being useful, improv is fun!
You Will Learn

Foundation principles of improv (e.g. agreement, YES AND, spontaneity, happy healthy well, being present, eye contact, listening, making your partner look good, accepting mistakes and how they can be gifts, being obvious, have fun!, etc.)
Fun improv games that improve listening skills, teamwork and communication
Improv games that you can teach to your team, friends and family!

*Note: Stay tuned for classes and events at the SF Improv Meetup on our FB page :)
What to Wear

Workout attire (athletic shoes, sweatpants/trackpants and t-shirts are recommended)

What to Bring: 

a full water bottle. 
a notebook in case you'd like to write observations/learnings.

Who Should Attend (audience)
Anyone who wants to try improv, play games and have fun!
What kinds of people typically attend? A diverse group, typically including:

Actors and improvisors seeking a playful and joyous workout/release
Directors and writers looking for a creativity boost
Developers / Engineers
Founders and executives
Product Managers
Health and fitness professionals

*Logistical Notes:

Limited to 30 in person attendees. First come, first served. Recommend showing up 10 minutes early.
Donations ($20 to $45) are encouraged to help us cover costs. We accept cash or Venmo @jaredpolivka

Location Instructions Sports Basement Bryant St. Go downstairs and look for "the Grotto"
Arrival Time and Door Lock Policy: 

I recommend arriving 5-10 minutes early. 

About the Teachers: 
Erica AndersonNaturally curious and a bit zany. Erica was born and raised, passionate aboutacting. Erica’s passion for acting, transitioned into a mutual love for improvand producing comedic YouTube videos during, her mid-twenties life crisis.
Erica is a graduate of BATS improv and Upright Citizen Brigade; and trainsimprov with Tim Orr. Erica is involved in an all-women’s improv troupe,named, Smarty Pants; and a two-person improv troupe, called, Cosmosis. Erica also performs with Jared Polivka.Erica loves to teach as a way to share the joy of improv, which has helped herimmensely in her personal, improvisational, and professional life.
Jared PolivkaA recovering workaholic, Jared Polivka rediscovered his childhood love for story in Rebecca Stockley’s improv class. Jared’s mission is to make great art and serve others while living a light-hearted, joyful, present, empathetic and responsible life. 
Jared loves sharing the the joy of improv and storytelling. He believes that everyone is a storyteller and that we're all watchable/interesting actors if we get out of our own way.
Jared is a graduate of BATS Improv; he has also studied at Impro Theatre and The Groundlings. Jared currently trains improv with Tim Orr. Jared studied acting at American Conservatory Theatre and Berkeley Repertory Theatre. Depending on the focus, Jared trains acting with various mentors/teachers in the Bay Area including Stan Roth, Rolf Saxon, Richard Seyd, Susan-Jane Harrison, Rachael Adler and Michael French.


  1. The Grotto 490 2nd Street, 2nd Floor, San Francisco, CA