International Shorts III: Dancing The World | 2017 SFDFF

Event has passed (Sun Oct 22, 2017 - Sun Oct 22, 2017)
Brava Theater Center
04:00 PM
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Ten films from ten countries bring dancers through urban streets, across architectural spaces, and deeper into their own physicality.

Cycles(Canada, 2016) 4:00Director: Joe CobdenChoreographer: Joe Cobden
Playful choreography, set to bright piano harmonies by Russian composer G. I. Gurdjieff, tells the story of a man reliving the memories of a failed relationship over and over.

Land of All(Slovenia, 2016) 5:37Director: Michal Rynia, Nastja Bremec, Giuseppe IppolitoChoreographer: Michal Rynia, Nastja Bremec
Two bodies move together exploring an imaginary world where nothing divides them and where art is a language and the power of connection, construction and creation is the main goal.

Recycled Movement(Kenya, 2015) 3:50Director: Bö LeeChoreographer: Bö Lee
Three Kenyan dancers and a Korean film maker met and shared two weeks. This film shows their collaborative attempt to “revive an abandoned world through our dance.”

Room(South Africa, 2016) 12:00Director: Daniel MorcosChoreographer: Kristina Johnstone
Room explores the dynamics and relationship between two bodies that occupy a particular environment with a specific vocabulary drawing from classical movement. Out of this is born a nuanced narrative as the two bodies on screen strive for synchronicity.
Six Solos(United Kingdom, 2016) 6:30Director: Simon FildesChoreographer: Sang Jijia
Individual performances or communal expression? We can become more than the just the sum of parts if we come together.

Vanitas(Brazil, 2017) 5:21Director: Vinícius CardosoChoreographer: Samuel Kavalerski
Short film exhorting us to think about passions—and also the ephemerality of life.

Smoke-Clad Warrior(Germany, 2014) 2:52Director: Mali Lazell, Mads Dinesen, Adrian KuenzelChoreographer: ANIMA‡
The Journey of a warrior.

Three on Four(United States, 2016) 3:41Director: Marty BuhlerChoreographer: Marty Buhler
A film about the re-imagination of sound and movement.

Moving Athens(United Kingdom, 2015) 4:58Director: Jevan ChowdhuryChoreographer: Emi Korfia
Set in the streets of Athens against a backdrop of urban decay as well as architectural durability, dancers improvise across a range of dance genres, from ballet to street.

We No Longer Wait for the Barbarians(Italy, 2016) 8:20Director: Alain El SakhawiChoreographer: Alain El Sakhawi, Valeria Zampardi, Fernando Roldan Ferrer
Allegory on the myth of the original sin of Adam and Eve transposed to the contemporary world.


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