I.O.P. I.E.D. (Inside Out Printer Improvised Explosive Device)

Event has passed (Thu Jul 11, 2013 - Sun Sep 1, 2013)
RayKo Photo Center
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In his recent project “I.O.P. I.E.D.” (Inside Out Printer Improvised Explosive Device), Jesse Boardman Kauppila, this spring’s artist-in-residence at RayKo, explodes printer toner onto glass plates. He uses these plates to create unique gelatin silver and chromogenic photographic prints. The toner used in laser printers is ubiquitous yet it is also carcinogenic and explosive. For those lucky enough to possess digital technology, its direct physical harm has been relegated to either factories or dumps. In this deferral, the danger of representation becomes not an experienced, lived reality, but an abstraction. Kauppila developed this project to mirror this process of abstraction. The artist will be demonstrating his technique during the opening on July 11th, so stand back and watch the flames.


  1. RayKo Photo Center
    428 Third Street, San Francisco, CA

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