Hypnotherapy and NLP Course for Personal Development or Professional Certification

Event has passed (Sat Sep 28, 2013 - Sat Sep 28, 2013)
Institute for Transpersonal Studies
9:30 am
Health & Wellness


Hypnotherapy and NLP Courses for Personal Development or Professional Certification. Fall 2013 Certification Course starts September 28. (Free workshops and Events also run year round as well as private consultations.)

-Healing and Empowerment Classes for Individuals or Professionals

-Learn Hypnotherapy, NLP, Voice Dialogue and so much more at the Institute for Transpersonal Studies!

-We have Private Sessions, Transformational Events and Career Training for regular individuals and professionals seeking certification.

"The Institute for Transpersonal Studies" Hypnotherapy school provides proven, skill-based programs, events and private consultations that help people heal, develop inner strength and maximize personal and professional potential. This healing-based community is cradled by California's natural beauty, creating a nurturing and inspiring environment for making dreams come true and allowing consciousness to relax back into itself.

The Institute provides private sessions, self-hypnosis training, personal transformation events, Breath Workshops, WealthyMindâ„¢ Seminars, and official certification courses in Hypnotherapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Voice Dialogue. Here you can acquire tools to heal and transform yourself, help others live more fulfilling lives and/or start a new career as a qualified professional.

About The Career of Hypnotherapy (and Skills for Other Professionals)...Why investigate the career of Hypnotherapy, or official Hypnotherapy Certification?

Enter the career of Hypnotherapy or add this powerful technology to your professional or personal skill set. Learning Hypnosis is great for professionals as well as everyone else who wants basic and advanced training in Hypnotherapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Voice Dialogue and other proven tools for transformation. Seeking Hypnotherapy Certification will reward you with countless tools that make a positive difference in the quality of people's lives. Learn Hypnosis to gain a skill that will enhance the potential happiness in your own life and in the lives of everyone you ever know.

If you are already working with people in another healing-based or motivational profession such as nurse, business professional, coach, etc, you will quickly recognize the value of adding Hypnotherapy to your professional skill set. Many people also take the Hypnotherapy training solely to accelerate their own personal growth and transformation. It is a magnificent gift to give yourself (and others around you) offering the opportunity to be free of unconscious programming and to rest deeply in the essence of a joyful life.


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