Event has passed (Fri Feb 21, 2014 - Fri Feb 28, 2014)
Incline Gallery


Hybrid showcases artists who use their practice to investigate intersections, questioning human relationships to environments both man-made (architecture, technology, material culture) and natural (organic materials, landscape). These artists will make use of the unique hybrid space of Incline Gallery to install a variety of works including found object and utilitarian sculpture, photography, painting, performance and artist-cocktail mixology. At the center of their practices is an interest in the body's relationship to space, architecture, and the material world.

Hybrid was curated by Stephanie Rohlfs and Melissa Miller for SFICA: BREAKOUT!

refraction // generation // seepage // hybrid // breakaway // glitch // mutation // expulsion

What is SFICA?
A hybridization of the graduate programs at the California College of the Arts and San Francisco Art Institute, SFICA’s mission is to pool resources and provide as many opportunities for dialogue, exhibition, and participation as possible. A natural and necessary coupling of thinkers, SFICA’s programs foster a culture of collaboration between participating graduate students and the situate artists, curators, designers and writers within the larger Bay Area arts community.

An epidemic has hit the Bay Area, SFICA: BREAKOUT! 2014. The graduate students of CCA and SFAI have broken free from their institutional boundaries and have mutated into a hybrid machine of art and thought making. This contagion is going viral, taking over galleries across San Francisco and Oakland beginning in February 2014.

The structure of BREAKOUT is similar to a music festival with different events happening on several “stages,” including galleries and artist-run spaces throughout San Francisco and Oakland. BREAKOUT focuses in on specific areas of interest under an umbrella theme of institutional critique and collaboration between the two schools and highlights the key concerns of current art practices across the programs.


  1. Incline Gallery
    766 Valencia Street, San Francisco, CA