Humanism: What's That?

Event has passed (Sun Oct 29, 2017 - Sun Oct 29, 2017)
First Unitarian Universalist Church - San Francisco
12:30pm - 2pm


In this presentation, Jim Barnett will review the definitions of humanism from contemporary humanist organizations, philosophical texts, dictionaries and foundational documents of modern humanism. From these, he will extract two underlying principles that he believes capture the essence of modern humanism. He will then present an overview of the development of these principles from ancient Greece, through the Renaissance, Enlightenment and our current scientific age. Consideration will be given to how humanism has shaped modern Western and other cultures including the influence on religion. A discussion will follow the presentation.

Jim is a graduate of the Humanist Institute and a board member of the Bay Area Humanists.

This event is sponsored by the Unitarian Universalists Humanists of San Francisco. We’ll be in the Fireside Room. Everyone is welcome. Sandwiches will be available for purchase.