How to: Get Started, Stay Safe and Operate Your Music Career Seminar!

Event has passed (Sat Aug 26, 2017 - Sat Aug 26, 2017)
Treasure Island
12:00 PM
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                                                         VP ARTIST CONSULTING PRESENTS:
                            How to: Get Started, Stay Safe and Operate Your Music Career Seminar!

If you are a performing artist, songwriter, producer, composer, or anyone involved in the music business, then this is the seminar for you!
Our goal and mission is to protect the interest of independent artists, songwriters and other music industry participants by providing them with the information necessary to understand how the music business works and how they can monetize their works.
Learn from industry professionals how to:
1) Turn your music career into a legal business
2) Protect your intellectual property
3) Monetize your creative works.
This seminar will cover copyright and trademark basics, PRO affiliation, digital distribution, and how to incorporate your music career into a legal entity . You will learn what a split sheet is and why it is important to have a publsihing adminstrator. You will learn the difference between an artist and a songwriter and how it relates to royalty collection. We will cover the main organizations that artists and songwriters should be apart of and the benefits they will recieve. We know that the Bay Area in particular has one of the largest and oldest independent music scenes which is why we chose to host the event in this location.
If you have any questions that you would like to be answered during the seminar, please email them to [email protected] for consideration. 




  1. Treasure Island Treasure Island, San Francisco, CA