Hoodslam: Sexy Good Time Wrestle Sequel!

Event has passed (Sun Nov 5, 2017 - Sun Nov 5, 2017)
DNA Lounge
03:00 PM
Clubs, Music
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The accidental phenomenon returns to San Francisco! Our last show there was a real breakthrough, with over 200 screaming but respectful fans we were FEELIN' IT!  I think we could feel it even more, maybe get them to open up that upper deck, ya know?  And what better way than a SEXY GOOD TIME WRESTLE SEQUEL!  We had a blast with it, we're just gonna keep that rollin.

Along with Broseph Joe Brody and the Hoodslam Band, you'll see characters from our regular roster, pop culture, music, video games, maybe a dream, perhaps a bathroom stall drawing... we're gonna get deep!  We're gonna get funky!  We're gonna do freaky naughty stuff in that "okay okay... no keep going" kinda vibe.

More info to come, we've got like 4 shows between now and then so saying who's champ and who they'll fight and all that... WHO KNOWS?!  Keep posted, follow the Hoodslam facebook...or twitter...or instagram...or youtube...or twitch...or birdswillfall.com... for more info!  You could probably just kick it at the liquor store and wait for one of us to show up and ask us!... it's only a matter of time before the next swisher run...


  1. DNA Lounge 375 11th Street, San Francisco, CA