Hidden Landscapes of the Corporate Cloud: Art by Kent Wilson

Event has passed (Sun Mar 18, 2018 - Sun Mar 18, 2018)
The LightRoom Gallery
Opening Reception 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Gallery Opening, Art


Kent Wilson’s CLOUD CAPITOL:
Hidden Landscapes of the Corporate Cloud

Cloud Capitol uses hybrid digital production and handcraft to create visual narratives that grapple with themes of corporate totalitarianism and degradation of democracy in the neoliberal police state.

The images construct elegies to human vitality, natural diversity, and mystery, erased by the technological dominance of the corporate cloud. The work toggles between material and digital investigations, pushing the limits of computational tools while embracing resulting anomalies as metaphor.

For many, the US Capitol Building symbolizes American Democracy. It frequently appears in media as shorthand for Democratic process. Cloud Capitol evokes the monstrous parallel reality beneath that façade as Capitalism supplants Democracy within the structure.

Inspired by the intersections of technology with dissident movements, Cloud Capitol seeks to extend the rich legacy of dissent in Berkeley that drove 20th century political activism while paradoxically giving rise to libertarian-inflected Bay Area tech culture.
This work invites us to look behind the fragile veil of manicured perfection proffered by the neoliberal state to confront the awful grandeur of the Anthropocene, and to scrutinize the pervasive profit-centered ethos that has given rise to it.

About Kent Wilson:
Kent is an artist, architectural designer, lecturer and design/fabrication specialist based in Berkeley, with a background in business and consumer marketing. Born in Canada, he grew up in the heart of the Deep South. In a struggling former textile town, Columbus Georgia, Kent experienced the devastating effects of capitalism on commerce, community, people and nature. After pursuing his early career in business and consumer marketing in Los Angeles, Kent earned Bachelors and Masters degrees in Architecture from UC Berkeley, concluding in 2015. As a UC Berkeley researcher, he has contributed to ground-breaking work in architectural applications for 3D printing. Follow Kent on Instagram: @CloudCapitol and Twitter: @KentSent.


  1. The LightRoom Gallery 2263 Fifth Street, Berkeley, CA