San Francisco’s Best Bacon Dishes

San Francisco’s best bacon dishes offer everything from traditional side orders to unique creations like Bacon Bacon’s bacon fried chicken and chocolate covered bacon. We’ve rounded up the best spots in San Francisco for a savory or sweet bacon treat.

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Bacon Bacon
With a brick and mortar location near upper Haight St. and a popular food truck that traverses the Bay Area, Bacon Bacon serves one-of-a-kind bacon dishes, such as chocolate bacon—a tasty balance between sweet and salty—and the bacon bouquet, featuring six crispy slices of bacon with a side of maple syrup. Bacon fried chicken and cookies made with bacon fat instead of butter are also decadent favorites.

Chomp N’ Swig
Chomp N’ Swig in the Richmond District offers the the bacon butter crunch, served on toasted sourdough bread with melted organic white cheddar, bacon, tomato, butter and guacamole. Hardcore eaters can pair it with bacon gravy fries and an impressive list of craft beers.

Sweet Maple
Sweet Maple’s millionaire’s bacon in Pacific Heights was featured on “United States of Bacon,” a cable TV show that tours the U.S. to finding the best bacon spots, and rightfully so. This crispy dish is smoked with brown sugar, cayenne, red and black pepper.

Dynamo Donuts
2760 24TH STREET
The maple glazed bacon dooughnut at Dynamo Donut is a neighborhood favorite in the Mission. This delicious treat is sautéed in apple base, glazed with organic maple syrup and topped with crispy bacon.

4505 Meats
4505 Burgers & BBQ’s Best Damn Cheeseburger is even better with house-made bacon. The bacon studded dog on a bun is another tasty option. Bacon enthusiasts can also buy it raw and ready to cook at 4505’s butcher shop in the Mission.

The Boardroom
The Boardroom in North Bach offers Bac-O-Tots, tater tots wrapped with smoked bacon, for only $6. They’re great with the bar’s mac and cheese, baked to perfection with bacon, or $1 wings on Monday—only for those looking for a palate cleanser between bacon bites. [Photo Courtesy: Yelp]

Mission Rock Resort
For those who like their bacon with brunch and doused in alcohol, Mission Rock Resort offers a knock-out bacon bloody Mary that is served only at brunch, Saturday and Sunday 10am to 4pm. On sunny days, the outdoor patio on Mission Bay is one of the best outdoor dining spots in all of SF.

Bacon-Wrapped Hot Dogs in the Mission
Before bacon became “a thing” there was bacon-wrapped hot dogs in the Mission. It’s like catnip for drunks at last call as irresistible bacon goodness replaces the usual daytime smells of the neighborhood. Eat at your own risk: vendors are often illegal and operate without permits.

Memphis Minnie’s BBQ Joint
Lower Haight BBQ joint Memphis Minnie’s goes big on Bacon Day (usually Saturday on Labor Day Weekend) with a menu dedicated entirely to the holiday featuring 14 bacon-infused dishes, including pecan bacon banana pudding or a double bacon corndog.

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