Greg Gandy . Aron Meynell . Brandon Smith . Jason Toney : California Sceneries at the Telegraph Hill Gallery

Event has passed (Mon Dec 11, 2017 - Fri Dec 29, 2017)
Telegraph Hill Gallery - {TH(e)Gallery}
12noon - 6pm


Telegraph Hill Gallery is pleased to present a group exhibition featuring the works of four San Francisco Bay Area artists, Greg Gandy, Aron Meynell, Brandon Smith, and Jason Toney. The show titled ‘Greg Gandy, Aron Meynell, Brandon Smith, Jason Toney - California Sceneries’ will run from 29 November through 29 December 2017 with an opening reception on 1 December 2017 from 6:00 to 8:00 PM. The exhibition will highlight a wide series of landscape paintings, plein air studies and studio works.

Greg Gandy is a meticulous painter who strives to capture each and every last detail imaginable. Gandy is also a master colorist, using a diverse palette inspired by the time of day or the weather on location. This cumulates into a stunning photorealistic landscape in each of his works. He uses both plein air studies and photography to serve as references for his paintings

Aron Meynell’s paintings are often walking the line of fantasy versus realism and are strongly affected by the soft, muted color palette combined with an intense amount of detail and technical application. His depictions of landscape have a unique atmospheric quality to them, resonating as a dream-like scene. Meynell carefully crafts a particular moment to evoke emotion and an uncertainty in the viewer.

Brandon Smith’s paintings rely upon a relationship between traditional oil painting methods and expressive brushstrokes, creating a beautiful blend of precise marks and bravura brushworks on each canvas. This method of painting, in conjunction with keen awareness for composition, envelops the natural beauty of landscapes in Smith’s plein air and studio works.

Jason Toney’s impeccable use of color and understanding of composition create appealing landscapes filled with depth and serenity. These properties of his work also blend well with his more expressive brushstrokes, which build upon layers of paint.

Gandy, Meynell, and Smith are faculty members of the Academy of the Art University’s Fine Art Department. All are alumni of the university, with Gandy, Meynell, and Smith earning their MFA and Toney his BFA. The four artists have garnered much praise and recognition for their work, including numerous awards and honorable mentions at shows and exhibitions across the country.

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