GOLD MINOR, Silver, Rollers

Fri Mar 23
Neck of the Woods
$10 - $15
Music, Rock


Gold Minor : A culmination of a number of musicians creating music with others has organically led to these members meeting up with each other in San Francisco. These like-minded players enjoy creating events that revolve around the idea of expanding the artistic community.

Silver is an American Rock'n'Roll group based out of Reno, Nv. High energy performance, 4 part harmonies and a strong focus on songwriting and stories about love, heartbreak, and parties. "...the band members exuded the kind of influence that leads to both terrible decision-making and epic storytelling." -Anna Sather Hart, Reno News Review

Rollers a new rock duo from New York by way of California, dig deep to create high flying pop-infused Americana. Their Debut Ep, Somewhere Along The Way is a tribute to lasting friendship and renewed creativity. Childhood friends and former band mates Singer -songwriter Erik Mullin and guitarist TJ Royer, finally come full circle with the release of their latest rock and roll endeavor.


  1. Neck of the Woods 406 Clement Street, San Francisco, CA