Geometrías de Luz

Thu Jun 20 (full schedule below)
Incline Gallery
3pm - 7pm
Gallery Opening, Art
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Geometrías de Luz: Blanca Estela Rodríguez
Opening Reception: Friday, May 17th, 6-9pm
Exhibition Dates: May 17- June 30th

Blanca Estela Rodríguez new body of work “Geometrías de Luz" is an immersive installation showcasing investigations in luminosity, the range of prismic transitions and the malleability of acrylic glass through rectangular sculpture, projection and installation at Incline Gallery. “Geometrías de Luz" is a study of space, color and line and how these various entities intersect, and in doing so, affect our perception of the world. Rodríguez’ angular shapes consist of assorted triangles, rectangles and trapezoids that operate individually and as a larger, more complex entity to transform the interior space of Incline Gallery.

Influenced by her ongoing research of geometry in relationship to perception, Rodríguez is fascinated by the concept of intersecting lines meeting or (never meeting) in infinite space. Her work invites the viewer to question what existing perceptions and ideas they each bring to the many spaces they occupy and how they are placed in space in the present moment. Ultimately for Rodríguez, light operates as a universal element - its uniformity and consistency is creating a space for shared experience, regardless of viewers pre-existing, and varied perceptions.

Image Credit: A shape of Light I / Acrylic glass, 12 x 9 inch, 2018


Incline Gallery
766 Valencia Street
San Francisco, CA
Thu Jun 20 (3pm - 7pm)
Fri Jun 21 (3pm - 7pm)
Sat Jun 22 (1pm - 5pm)
Sun Jun 23 (1pm - 5pm)
Thu Jun 27 (3pm - 7pm)


  1. Incline Gallery 766 Valencia Street, San Francisco, CA