Gavin Hardkiss Book Signing and DJ Set @ The Qoöl Happy Hour

Event has passed (Wed Aug 7, 2013 - Wed Aug 7, 2013)
5:00pm to 10:00pm
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Please join us on August 7 for a very special Qoöl Happy Hour event with Gavin Hardkiss.

Book Signing & DJ Set in celebration of Gavin's debut novel "Cubik Lust"

5pm Doors, 6pm Book signing, 7pm Q&A with Gavin Hardkiss followed by DJ set

Book info and on-line purchase options at

A limited number of books will also be available for purchase at the event. To guarantee getting a signed book we recommend purchasing a copy in advance and bringing it with you.

The Qoöl Happy Hour
5pm to 10pm @ Harlot 46 Minna Street, San Francisco, CA
Admission is FREE


DJ/producer Gavin Hardkiss releases novel - CUBIC LUST

Centuries old traditions conflict and twist with the digital age in Hardkiss’s debut novel. Enter the stream of consciousness of a young DJ who delves into the finest women, drugs, and music that China has to offer. Hard and shocking, poetic and sensual, Cubic Lust toys with the reader's synapses as well as any opiate could.

Paced in Twitter speak and colored with an insider's perspective of international DJ culture, Hardkiss takes the reader down the rabbit hole. Venturing through backstage VIP areas, after-parties and the DJ booth into a world of excess where sex and drugs fuel the never ending peak moment.

Taking place in Hong Kong over a 24 hour period, the novel examines the strange life of the DJ, the modern troubadour, as lived in airports, hotels and nightclubs. A carefree lonely existence powered only by the love of music and pleasure.

Paying respect to the sensual lyricism of Milan Kundera, the dystopian views of J. G. Baillard and the pornographic imagination of Georges Bataille, Hardkiss writes in a modern style littered with colorful images which have more in common with song writing than wordy prose.

As a DJ/producer, Hardkiss helped pioneer the American electronic dance scene in the '90s with the groundbreaking record label Hardkiss Music. He quickly joined the ranks of the international DJ elite, jetting to raves and clubs around the world to perform his eclectic sounds.

He has recorded multiple genre defying albums as Hawke and continues to release music under various guises. This summer he is releasing new singles “Revolution” and “Flowers Blooming” produced with cohort Robbie Hardkiss.

Born in South Africa, the author lives in the Bay Area.

Cubic Lust is available at as a paperback and for Kindle.

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