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The Chapel
Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 9:00 pm
Music, Indie Music
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FRIGHTWIG! If they ever play within 500 miles of where you live, quit your job, give the kids to CPS for the weekend, and sell your collection of rare vinyl, whatever it takes and GO SEE THIS BAND. You will thank me later, and even your kids will understand why you had to do this. Three different primary singer songwriters, and with each song your favorite will change. Oh yeah, and the legendary Eric Drew Feldman (has recorded and performed with Captain Beefheart, Snakefinger, and PJ Harvey) on keyboards as well.
Way back in 1981, Mia d’Bruzzi and Deanna Ashley/Mitchell started writing and playing together. By 1982, FRIGHTWIG was unleashed on an ill-prepared public. They performed at such legendary San Francisco clubs as The Farm, Mabuhay Gardens, and The Fillmore amongst others. A lot of good music came from San Francisco during that era. Frightwig made some of the very best. They toured the United States frequently, and were also popular in Europe. Talent, songwriting, beauty and hard work occasionally pay off. They were big, but they should have been huge.
The 1980’s were a wild and reckless time for a lot of us. Those times take some casualties. There were a couple changes in membership of the band. Various members took “time off” for the usual reasons. Love. Career, children, and life outside of a crowded van took over for awhile.
Frightwig Today ~ Mia d’Bruzzi, Deanna Mitchell, Cecilia Kuhn, and Eric Drew Feldman
FRIGHTWIG is now. Their recent performances are again thrilling audiences. I am a hardened aging punk rocker and criminal defense lawyer and they bring me to tears. Really. They really love each other, and they love you too.
Come taste the ‘Wig. Songs about death, sex, love, women/men, meaning, and this Crazy, Crazy World We Live In. You are going to hear mind, heart, beauty and soul.
And, like me, you will come to spread the gospel of FRIGHTWIG.
Black Flag’s co-founder, bassist, and songwriter Chuck Dukowski is back with THE CHUCK DUKOWSKI SEXTET, and the new album “Haunted”. Joined by his stepson Milo Gonzalez on guitar, wife Lora Norton on vocals, and Ashton Slater on drums, “Haunted” is a vortex of elegantly chiseled energy. THE CHUCK DUKOWSKI SEXTET is a mélange of old school metal, hardcore, and psychedelic rock peppered with a dash of classical.

Chuck Dukowski’s playing and songwriting were a critical force in the creation of punk rock and hardcore. THE CHUCK DUKOWSKI SEXTET’s new version of Chuck’s classic Black Flag song “My War” (on a split 7”in with The Missingmen) shows that the man’s edge has not dulled.

THE CHUCK DUKOWSKI SEXTET is a generation and genre-crossing whirlwind. Their live performances are powerful and explosive with guitarist Milo Gonzalez using his skills as a professional contortionist to backbend through his guitar solos and singer Lora Norton betraying her prettiness and knee length hair with a voice powerful enough to blow your head off.

Together on “Haunted”, this family has come together to fuse the worlds that exist between Black Sabbath, Jefferson Airplane, Hawkwind and Yes. Beautiful but reckless all in one, a place where prog-rock, psych and the punk laden folk innards have come together for a cohesive listen of pummeling, kaleidoscopic fury.
It's OK!
It's OK!
It's OK! was founded by chameleon-voiced guitar guru Robert Hecker of Redd Kross as a means to present hundreds of unheard songs, in addition to some of his more familiar catalog. He is abetted by long-time musical cohort, multi-octave vocalist and multi-instrumentalist, Ellen Rooney. The V16 behind It’s OK! is the monstrous rhythm section of bassist Dennis McGarry and drummer Joey Mancaruso.

It's OK! have recorded two albums: an eponymous debut cd, released by Econoclast Recordings, and Dream, soon to be released on Moonlight Graham Records. It’s OK! were signed to MGR by Exene Cervenka of X. It's OK! are currently working on their third album, Cubed, also slated for release on Moonlight Graham Records. All three albums reflect the melodic soul-punk-pop-rock that defines the band’s sound.

Ellen Rooney would like to note that all the members of It’s OK! have dimples.

It's OK!
Robert Hecker - guitar / voice
Ellen Rooney - voice / factotum
Dennis McGarry - bass / voice
Joey Mancaruso - drums / voice


  1. The Chapel
    777 Valencia Street, San Francisco, CA

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