French Horn Rebellion

Event has passed (Thu May 29, 2014 - Thu May 29, 2014)
Rickshaw Stop
9:30 PM
$15 - $17
Music, Indie Music
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French Horn Rebellion are Robert and David Perlick-Molinari, two brothers born and bred in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, currently residing in Brooklyn, NY. In 2007, younger brother Robert was playing French horn in orchestra, and decided to make hot beats instead. After telling the conductor that Mahler isn’t fun anymore he asked his bassoon-toting brother, David to join with him. And so it was, a French Horn Rebellion began.

Since then, they boys have travelled the world with French horn slung over their back, playing with MGMT, Yelle, Cut Copy, and others along the way.

"Increasingly huge Brooklyn-via-Milwaukee fuzz-dance duo French Horn Rebellion is the next step in that whole wave of crunchy-riff, post-Daft Punk, Francophilic blown-out house. Mainly because they pretty much sound like a good rock band. A pair of real-life brothers, Robert and David Perlick-Molinari make chug-house that's more friendly, less neon, and way huggable--the genteel face of an insular scene. "Beaches and Friends" was co-written with Brazilian duo Database via a series of hooks and ideas they passed around their circle of friends. Without an "original" track to ever work with, Database popped out a propulsive club edit, fellow Brazilian club-knockers the Twelves popped out a pair of windswept mixes, and the Chicago trio Hey Champ weighed in with a disco-funk version of their own. French Horn Rebellion's "New York Version" is the punkiest, new-waviest of the bunch, existing somewhere between a grimy stroll down "Electric Avenue," a sweaty Justice warehouse show, and a Spanish rave." --Village Voice


Hey Champ's roots can be traced outside of Chicago in nearby Rockford, where band members Saam Hagshenas (Vocals, Guitar) and Jonathan Marks (Vocals & Drums) discovered their love of music at a young age. After Saam's graduation from law school, the two reunite in Chicago under the Hey Champ moniker. Needing some additional help on the keys, Jonathan calls up his old Princeton chum Pete. The two met as outsiders at one of those tea and crumpet parties where everyone wears blazers and laughs through clenched teeth The band incorporates influences from disco, house and indie rock, while combining the raw energy of Cheap Trick and the synth-heavy productions of Giorgio Moroder and Trevor Horn.


  1. Rickshaw Stop
    155 Fell Street, San Francisco, CA