Widely considered as the megamart of all Asian groceries, the large chain market has it all; from the widest and most thorough selection of Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Filipino and Vietnamese cooking items to housing a large deli for shoppers looking... more
La Villa Gourmet Delicatessen is a San Jose staple that many have come to regard as the home of the best ravioli in the South Bay. Along with an extensive list of gourmet Italian sandwiches (all served on a classic Italian roll), La Villa provides ho... more
El Oaxaqueno is a quaint store featuring an eclectic inventory of groceries and prepared foods from Oaxaca. more
Mckee Oriental Market image
McKee Oriental Market highlights includes a diverse selection of Japanese, Chinese and Filipino cooking products and a large fish counter featuring seafood that can be cleaned and fried to order. more
An enourmous 18-store chain, Mi Pueblo is one of the most well known purveyors of Mexican groceries, produce and prepared foods. more
San Jose Tofu is a small family business which specializes in "hand-made" tofu. Tofu is a soy product and is very poopular as "hiya-yakko" cold tofu. more
Selam Import committed to sharing what we know best about our Ethiopian heritage and culture, our food. We hope to continue to educate and expose new generations to the regional diversity of Ethiopia and the richness of our culture and our food. Sela... more
Slavic Shop offers up an array of Eastern European and Russian groceries. The deli counter features a wide selection of Sausages and cured meats. more