Feral Rites

Event has passed (Mon Nov 13, 2017 - Wed Dec 6, 2017)
City College Art Gallery
10am to 3pm
Art, Museums


City College Art Gallery is proud to present Feral Rites, an exhibition of emerging artists that are fighting and clawing their way into the art world. Surviving rejection, failure, and more rejection, yet continuing despite all of this is a rite of passage for many artists. This exhibit celebrates that determination and perseverance along with the blessed freedom that is the foundation of the creative process. Wild animals navigating socially awkward situations, the intersection of nature and human touch, and transgressing social norms are some of the themes explored.

Megan Garner earned a B.S. in Mathematics from UC Davis and taught college math for five years before having children. She has been crafty her whole life but began a serious studio practice to create a memorial sculpture after a friend’s death. Her current practice is focused on geometric papier-mâché sculptures inspired by architecture and natural phenomena, telling personal stories, and questioning social constructs.

Wai Har Lee moved to California in 1984 from Singapore. She primarily works with oil paints, Lee’s preferred medium. She is passionate about the arts. She states, “Without art, I’d be stuck on earth, with only earth.”

Kirstyn Hom is an interdisciplinary artist who lives and works in San Francisco. She received her BA in Art Practice at UC Berkeley, and has studied abroad at Leeds University for textile design. Hom's art practice is a way to explore the constant decay and rebirth that defines existence. She is attempting to create moments where the borders of our bodies break down, and the messes that we create begin to merge.

Patricia Lepe is a mixed media artist focused on storytelling using collage. Her interests also include art history, fashion, literature, and languages. Lepe states, “Currently I am working with the concept of existence. With this series, I am interested in constructing a narrative of a dystopian future, layering ideas, imagery, and textures. The future I imagine is of an environmental dystopia, where we can see the results of the damage done by humanity to the planet in the present.”

Bryanne Saugez is an aspiring travel photographer from Los Angeles currently working in the Bay Area. She aims to give people the same sense of wonder and lust she feels when it comes to traveling and stepping out of comfort zones. She says, “I am a sun worshiper, otherwise known as a photographer, who loves to capture the beauty of the world that either seems unattainable or is frequently overlooked. I am drawn to nature, light, colors and patterns that work well together compositionally.”

Ben Snyder is a social artist working on community and relationships, playing diverse roles including designer, founder, project manager, artist, and community organizer.

Sierra Stark is a Bay Area native illustrating worlds without humans.

Matthew Wong received his B.A. in Psychology at the University of California Davis in 2012, and then returned home to San Francisco where he served homeless families at a non-profit before deciding to go back to school to study animation in 2015. He is an animator/illustrator that is interested in telling stories about people overcoming adversity. Wong states, “Because I am easily discouraged, often times my work is a message to myself to push through. If I can make myself laugh, that’s an added bonus. Hopefully, by looking at my work, others can also laugh and realize that others are also going through similar obstacles and are attempting to face their fears.”


  1. City College Art Gallery 50 Phelan, Visual Arts Bldg., V117, San Francisco, CA