(faux) Infrared Photography

Event has passed (Sat Jun 10, 2017 - Mon Aug 21, 2017)
Albany Community Center
10am - 6pm
Arts, Art Opening, Art Exhibit


Bay Area photographer Zohra Kalinkowitz will be exhibiting 24 Faux Infrared photographs at the Albany Community Center Foyer Gallery.

The opening reception is on June 11, 2017, 4-6 PM.

The exhibition is open daily from June 10-August 21, 2017.In this series of black and white Infrared Digital photographs, the edges of what can be experienced empirically and the mysteries beyond the known are probed. Infrared is a spectrum beyond which the eye sees normally and these images suggest something beyond the seen, in a place between dream and reality. This visual characteristic of Infrared, that things are not quite what they seem, imparts a spiritual quality. Ms. Kalinkowitz has exhibited in the Bay Area and nationally since 1970.


  1. Albany Community Center 1249 Marin Avenue, Albany, CA