Fall Equinox: Sunset Beach Yoga + Silent Disco Dance Party!

Event has passed (Sat Sep 23, 2017 - Sat Sep 23, 2017)
Ocean Beach
03:30 PM
Sports / Fitness
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The Fall Equinox.
There is a magic that can be found in both songs and summer.  They provide a theme for many moments in our of our lives and instantly become memories that you can tap into when you want to feel love and gratitude.
Dearest city dwellers, visitors from around the world, dancers, yogis, adventurers ::
Join us for an evening of revelry, fall equinox celebration as the sun sets over our beautiful Ocean Beach. We cordiallly invite you to an evening of beach yoga (with headphones) and hundreds of your friends!, Live DJs, dancing, sunset watching and love. We're honored and excited to host this event to benefit the Do It for the Love Foundation. 
You can expect to feel magic in every ounce of your being. The spirit of Michael Franti and his foundation supporting this event, and all of our incredible community coming together to share a yoga practice lead by founder Julianne Aiello and followed by dance, creative expression, costume, and love of all kinds. 

3:30pm : Welcome,  groovin' begins. Henna, headphones, hugs and treats available upon your arrival.
4pm - 5:15pm : Silent disco beach yoga with Julie! Founder of Outdoor Yoga SF
5:15pm - 7:15pm : Silent Disco Dance Party with Live DJs
6pm - 6:30: Hip Hop Dance sesh with Walker Fisher (AHmazing dance teacher to lead you in groovy moves for your evening)
Walker is a Bay Area native with dance roots in hip hop, jazz and butoh. His movement celebrates human expression at the intersection of the mind + body.

About the Silent Disco Groove Sesh!
We will have headphones offered to everyone, with three channels playing different music by live DJ’s. SO FUN!
channel 1 :: DJ Zach :: disco + deep house beats 
channel 2 :: pop remixes // 90s hip hop // rock classics remixed by our community
channel 3 :: DJ Galexy :: full groove, seductive deep house Burningman beats
*All activities- yoga + dance are optional. DJs will be playing all night. You can participate in any part of the evening.

~Palo Santo Ritual :
You’ll be greeted with a Palo Santo blessing. Palo Santo is sacred tree used by people all over the world to cleanse, renew and bless people and spaces.  
~Contribute :: It's asked that everyone joining brings a small gift for at least 1 other person. It can be a flower, a little book, something handmade, or not.. no stress. any small gift. if you're coming with a crew of people it can be fun to get together and brainstorm a fun gift to make and give out as a group. 
~Nourish: Hot tea + kombucha available. warm (vegan + chicken) burritos will be available for purchase!

We invite you here. To the place where time slows, where the mind and body ease, where we’re greeted by the sun, sparkling ocean and the warmth of high vibe community.
And we encourage you to dress up! Make an impression. Express yourselves through colors, costumes, and textures. Body paint, glitter, flashy or classy…We want to see it all! 
Bring your hula hoops, bring your poi! We want you to be your truest you. We love you for it! 
We would LOVE your help + creativity! Want to help us design or organize this experience? Or volunteer for a free ticket? Please reach out to Kirin at [email protected] - we'd love to work with you!
See you soon! We love you!
Kirin, Julie, Sarah, Zach, Alex + the Outdoor Yoga SF crew.


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