Fade to Mind Showcase | ft | Kingdom | Nguzunguzu | Prince William | + more

Event has passed (Sat May 10, 2014 - Sat May 10, 2014)
F8 | 1192 Folsom
$5 - $15


HGMNY presents a Fade to Mind showcase on Saturday, May 10th.



"Los Angeles-based DJ and label head Kingdom aka Ezra Rubin has built considerable influence with both his own discography and the output from his groundbreaking label, Fade to Mind. Rubin was introduced to MIDI programming and composition at an early age. Inspired by U.K. jungle and Timbaland's genre-defying R&B sound, he began experimenting with sampling keyboards and simple multitrack recording as a teenager. Upon moving to NYC to study visual art, Kingdom developed his signature design style and began his career as a DJ, connecting genres and sounds in a way that NYC club audiences hadn't experienced before. He released two mixtapes in 2006 and 2008 that fused U.K. grime, U.S. club, hip-hop and his own mutated take on R&B, catching the attention of London-based label Night Slugs, which sparked their ongoing transcontinental collaboration and kinship.

Saturated in mysticism and cosmic authority, Kingdom's distinctively bittersweet productions mix deep synths and apocalyptic drums into a spacious, multidimensional sound that immediately began having a major impact on club music worldwide. After critical acclaim for his early EPs Mind Reader (Fool's Gold Records), That Mystic (Night Slugs) and Dreama (Night Slugs), Rubin relocated from New York to Los Angeles in 2010 to form new label Fade to Mind with close friends and collaborators Nguzunguzu, Total Freedom, and Prince William. He quickly expanded the roster to include such diverse artists as ballroom house legend MikeQ and Kuwaiti-American composer Fatima Al Qadiri.

In May, Fade to Mind will release Kingdom's Vertical XL, a new seven-track trek across biographical terrain, featuring newly-signed vocal sensation Kelela on its lead single "Bank Head." With this and numerous upcoming projects and collaborations, Kingdom continues to develop his unique curatorial map for the future of music and his growing family of club innovators."


"The look, the feel, the silky, the smooth, the sad, the sexy and the scary. When the mood is right, you will trip, you will connect with the electronic eclectic, you will be elevated, and you will be crushed. And the tears will stream down your face... We do this overnight and we cannot stop."




"SAM SUPA AKA PRINCE ZAMMYSUREFIRE / HOTNHEAVY / BRAP DEM! REC San Francisco based DJ and Producer SAM SUPA has been at the core of the West Coast Bass music scene for years and has been working behind the scenes for even longer. A Bass Music Professional, Sam plays 90 to 170 BPM music influenced by DRUM & BASS, PUNK, METAL, SOUL, HOUSE, DUB, mashing into many other styles. He has produced and released 128 to 140 BPM tracks for HOT N HEAVY RECORDINGS and has remixes forthcoming. He runs BRAP DEM! RECORDINGS a diverse bass music label, pushing Dubstep, 2 Step and Grime and other forms of bass music. He has shared the stage with FLYING LOTUS, BENGA, CRYSTAL CASTLES, SKREAM, CASPA, RUSKO, DMZ, RAMADANMAN, PLASTICIAN, DIPLO, 12TH PLANET, DJ GODFATHER and many more. He also promotes for SUREFIRE SOUND in SAN FRANCISCO and he also held residency at SAN FRANCISCO’s classic Grime Dubstep and Sublow night GRIME CITY."


"Building on the hip hop beats that he has loved for a lifetime, Comma’s multi-dimensional sound draws inspiration from many ends of the horizon. Headnodding and melodic, Comma creates richly textured music that is influenced by cassette-era rap beats, vintage synthesizer music, childhood commercials, grime, prog rock, and science fiction.

Identifying with the freeform beat movement that has so powerfully grasped the underground electronic music community, Comma’s love of this forward-thinking style is evident in the spirit and continuous cutting edge of his production work. He infuses his music with a diverse smattering of sounds, from dance-friendly dubstep fire and warped experimental excursions to funky upbeat melodies, anthemic chords and 80’s aesthetics.

Deeply entrenched in the community that he inspires, Comma helps run the Bay area’s Frite Nite label and collective, a taste-making crew that brings together disparate elements and different people into the thriving electronic music scene. Collaborating with Boreta of The Glitch Mob in the electronic band Slidecamp and working with Eprom as half of Biclops, Comma connects the dots into productions chock full of bass and boldness.

Fusing the energy of his urban environment with the powerful natural bounty of the West Coast, Comma’s new EP Colortronics(out early 2011 on Frite Nite) is a tight romp across several sonic horizons. Dripping with a fresh future nostalgia and illuminated with holographic sound, Colortronics will cement a place for its creator at the forefront of the evolution of electronic possibilities."
Open Bar from 9:30-10:00.
$5-$15 Presale


  1. F8 | 1192 Folsom 1192 Folsom Street, San Francisco, CA