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With the release of the Bunny Brawler EP, Evan Wardell brings a new feel to a classic genre. Lush with addicting guitar progressions, an honest lyrical approach, and classic rock style, the record boasts the aesthetic of indie rock anthems. Though the songs are diverse from one another, there is a glue that holds them all together. Most importantly, the EP never loses sight of the emotional platform great songs are built from.
The first single, “20 Some Odd” is instant dream pop classic. Complete with musical swells, musical hooks, and an almost 90’s alternative sound, the song seems to breathe and build as it plays on.
“The song is about all the sort of conflicting motivations that you have as a young person and "20 something" was a little too on the nose. ‘20 some odd’ might still be a little too much on the nose if I'm being honest though” explains the songwriter of his single.
Although the single does speak volumes for the EP, to get a real understanding of where Wardell is coming from, it should be heard in its entirety.
“All the songs on this album are pretty disparate in terms of the themes in the songs but I think sonically they have a lot of similarities. Although I guess the theme of doubt and the sort of search for meaning that comes from that doubt is something that permeates a lot of my songwriting generally” says Wardell of his songwriting approach for the release.
Music has always been a huge part and a first love for Evan Wardell, but it wasn’t until he was 13 years old and realized he could multi-track with two old tape recorders that his musical horizons opened up. Working on new material all the time, the songwriter went through a few different band names until he came to the conclusion that releasing his songs under his own name was the best route to take. The Bunny Brawler EP was written, performed, and recorded solely by Wardell himself and was done so to accompany a play produced by San Francisco based independent theater company, Fault Line Theater. The EP is the epitome of where he is at with his sound now.
Wardell has received a number of mentions for the plays soundtrack through reviews and is always working on new material for upcoming releases.
The Bunny Brawler EP is now available for streaming and downloads on most major digital outlets and the artist is currently working on putting a full band together to start performing live.
To learn and hear more of Evan Wardell, please visit: https://evanwardell.bandcamp.com/
CarnyMusic is the solo project of Mike Carnahan, lead singer of the SF western-psych band The Green Door. In a shift from the expansive, mythological themes of the West that embodies The Green Door, CarnyMusic explores the raw, personal, and even solitary human condition as well as its dynamic relationship to an ever-changing world. Most of the time presenting as stripped down and spare with just guitar and vocals, CarnyMusic also collaborates with other musicians. The outcome is a varied mixture of sonic possibilities that stretch across a range of emotions, experiences, and intensities.

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