EQ Like a Pro with Local Dialect on December 18th

Event has passed (Mon Dec 18, 2017 - Mon Dec 18, 2017)
03:00 PM
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This workshop will help you master the most important mixing tool of all - the equalizer. You will learn theory, vocabulary, and mixing techniques through lecture and live demonstration. You will learn to trim the rough edges from your sounds, how and when to boost, and even gain insight into the debate over analog vs. digital EQs, as well as advanced techniques such as linear phase or mid/side EQing.
Sam & Reed will go deeper than your ordinary YouTube tutorials and teach the why and when of EQing. Learn when in the production process to really dig into your EQs, and learn why you should use something like a linear phase EQ, not just how to use it. Sam & Reed will also provide an EQ cheat sheet and outline to take home, as well as the stems that will be used in the live demo so that you have something to practice right away. Whether you are brand new to mixing or a seasoned mixer looking for some new tricks to add to your repertoire, this EQ workshop will provide you with a deeper understanding of the theory of EQ, as well as actionable tips to improve your mixing abilities.

The Basics - The what, how, and why of EQ
Types of EQ
EQ Vocabulary
Definitions (with clear examples) of terms like Q and Notch
Live Mixing - Local Dialect will take you through real-world applications of each technique they teach
Basic Techniques
Reductive EQ
Additive EQ
Complementary EQ
Advanced Techniques
Linear Phase
Dynamic EQ
Analog vs. Digital

Open Question and Answer session with live demonstrations


  1. Pyramind 880 Folsom Street, San Francisco, CA