El Vez - MEX-mas!

Thu Dec 19, 2013
Blackbird Tavern -- CLOSED
$15 - $20
Latin Music, Music
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Robert Lopez, or El Vez, may be known as The Mexican Elvis, but reducing the performer to a mere Elvis impersonator with a Latin twist misses the point-and the fun. The former singer for L.A. punk band the Zeros, Lopez picked up the act while curating a show on Elvis at the art gallery where he worked. After a month of Elvis events and impersonators he thought he could do better. And better he did. That was 25 years ago. Since then he's taken Elvis kitsch to a whole new level, with hilarious Spanglish versions of the King's most beloved songs ("En el Barrio" is a genius rendition of "In the Ghetto") but he also puts his signature stamp on songs by Dylan, Bowie, and countless other icons. (Stephen Layton)


  1. Blackbird Tavern -- CLOSED
    200 S 1st St., San Jose, CA