Fri October 25, 2013


This month Dystopia presents a very special evening celebrating Halloween, Samhain, DJ R3M’s aka Michael Remson’s birthday and Osby's 25th birthday! We have a stellar evening planned for all of our fam bam, supporters and loyal Dystopian’s which will include an incredible lineup, delicious food, tasty beverages and a costume contest during the show. Prizes will be presented to the 1st and 2nd runner up…So attending in costume is STRONGLY encouraged…

So with that said, let us take back our freedom to celebrate LIFE and make Oakland’s premiere Drum and Bass monthly MASSIVE for October.

︻╦╤─ ︻╦╤─ FREE YOUR SELF on OZTOBER 25TH ─╤╦︻ ─╤╦︻

Dystopia is every fourth Friday of the month and hosted by Primitive Science. Come get lobotomized to the tunes of DnB talent from all over the landscape and indoctrinated by the verses of our MC's!

★▲Featuring the Soundtrack to This Conjuration of Cthulhu▲★

✣ RICKY FORCE (Pressin’ Hard Records, Ruff Revival, Pinecone Moonhine) ✣



Ricky Force's story began back in 1999 when he landed a guest slot on legendary Dublin pirate station POWER FM alongside Don Rosco of the Bassbin crew. It didn't take very long before he was playing out regularly around Dublin city, landing gigs with the likes of the Gappy Foundation, Studio B, Bassbin's legendary "Refuge" and becoming a well known face in the Irish Drum and Bass scene.

In 2002, Ricky Force was offered a show on Raidio Na Life 106.4FM, an Irish Language FM and Internet station broadcasting across the greater Dublin area. He used the opportunity to highlight a wide range of Drum and Bass styles, from blissed-out atmospheric rollers to darker old school tear outs and all points between. Swiftly gaining a reputation for consistently tight and creative mixing especially from guest DJs who he invited along and who then had to come face to face with the setup he was forced to work with week in week out!

A residency at Bassbin's "Refuge" night soon followed, playing in rotation with the cream of the crop of Dublin Drum and Bass heads, including Rohan & Naphta, Don Rosco, Polska, Elmo, Beta 2 and Zero Tolerance.

With the demise of Bassbin some years later sounding a bit of a death knell for Dublin Drum and Bass in the capital Ricky, together with partners in crime Barry Delta and Safetyboy decided to test the waters with their own night, initially called "The Beat Suite" their game was better than their name, thankfully, and they went on to be a valuable platform for local DJ's as well as flying in the heavyweights. One (merciful) change of a name (to REACH) and one move to a bigger venue later found the fledgling crew at the head of a 12-strong collective of Drum and Bass and Dubstep heads, running one of Dublin's most respected nights, as well as regularly hosting stages at festivals all around Ireland.
Ricky started producing in 2005, and by the next year already had the four-track "Aerial ep" signed to renowned net label Exegene. He never looked back and he has been busily tucked away in the lab ever since, twiddling knobs, chopping and splicing samples to his heart's content, trying to hone and perfect his sound.

Ricky has forthcoming releases and existing on the following labels; DSCi4, 36 Hertz, Jungle Syndicate, Criminal, Voodoo, Ruff Revival, Danger Chamber, Pinecone Moonshine, Audio Buffet, Absys, Omni Music. And as of September 2012, his very own label -Pressin' Hard Records - with two tracks, Dublin 1 and You'll Never Know, co-written with Mecca. Pressing 100-limited vinyl 12's which sold out in just over a week. This gave way to the second release in May 2013 with two more tracks, Celestial and Falling; this time, selling out in less than a week.

Big plans for 003 are about to drop for the Jungle massive. Watch out for merchandise and exclusive remixes for Remarc, Randall and Intense. Keep those peepers peeled.
DJ support: Randall, Bailey, Equinox, Remarc and all the true Junglist soldiers.

✣|✣|✣|✣| INDIDJINOUS (Pinecone Moonshine, Subtle Audio)|✣|✣|✣|✣



Years of unwanted childhood music lessons led Michael Morel to develop an aversion to common instruments like guitars and pianos. Intrigued by the unusual sounds of the didjeridu, his true musical ambitions were sparked when he began playing the ancient Australian wind instrument in 1998. Shortly afterwards, he developed a healthy obsession with drum n’ bass & jungle. Adopting the alias Indidjinous, he often played live didjeridu over DJ sets using electric guitar pedals to distort the sound. In 2002 he began experimenting with production, incorporating his didjeridu recordings into many tracks. In 2005 he finally took up DJing and was thereafter an active part of the local jungle scenes in Santa Cruz, CA, Washington, DC, New York City and now San Francisco.

Citing major influences from Technical Itch, Dom & Roland, Konflict, Paradox, Teebee, Hive and Amit, Indidjinous tunes are cinematic, tribal and dark with an emphasis on variety in drum patterns. His sound spans several styles of D & B including techstep, drumfunk, half-time, experimental and atmospheric. Overtly melodic sounds are almost wholly absent in his productions. Instead, he tends toward abstract sci-fi atmospherics, industrial sound effects and dis-harmonic bass lines.

In the summer of 2012 Morel designed and taught a class introducing electronic music production and didjeridu/aboriginal culture to middle school students, a program he repeated this year. 2012 also saw the emergence of his bi-weekly radio show “The Other Side” on Tune in every other Wednesday night from 8-9:30 Pacific Time to hear his unique brand of didjeridu-infused post-apocalyptic swamp funk (all shows are archived on this website). With over 50 tunes released from 10 labels spanning 8 countries, Indidjinous is beginning production of a full length collaborative LP with his production partner Centaspike from Australia, due out in 2014.

Label Affiliations:


✣|✣|✣| WARBREAKER (Active Mindz, Jungletrain, Criminal Records, )|✣|✣|✣




The one like the Warbreaker has been a fan of subversive, experimental music since his early days on the planet Earth. Growing up in Southern California, Warbreaker was introduced to the thriving Los Angeles Drum & Bass scene early on in his high school days, by a close friend. He immediately fell in love with the music and its culture. Going to numerous massive’s and illegal parties was the weekly routine. While at the same time going to and playing in punk rock and metal bands, he was inspired by the diversity and acceptance of the Los Angeles rave scene along with the jungle beats he heard crumbling musical boundaries.

It wasn't until age 23 when Warbreaker became serious about djing. After a tremendous amount of inspiration and technical education from friends, he decided it was time to start playing out and contributing to the music. Over the years Warbreaker has shared the stage with a number of jungle legends such as Remarc, Paradox, Seba, Bizzy B, ASC, Fanu, Parallel, SuMoNe, NicTVG, and Method One to name a few.

Whenever you hear Warbreaker play, be prepared for over the top, experimental beats. Whether dark, light, ambient, distorted, jazzy, classical, hip-hop or electro influence, you will hear experimentations in sound, tear out drum tracks, heavy bass lines, and gripping atmospherics.

Over the last couple of years, Warbreaker started up on production and has seen a release on the Flatwoods Creative label with more scheduled down the pipeline. Be sure to TUNE INTO every other Wednesday from 6:30-8:30PM (pst) to hear Warbreaker and partner in crime Grace in the mix for their Active Mindz Radio show, broadcasting live from San Francisco, California... And with that said, be on the look out for Warbreaker gigs, mixes, and productions with affiliated teams ACTIVE MINDZ, JUNGLETRAIN, FLATWOODS CREATIVE, & IN2IT!

✣|✣|✣|✣| JOEY MOJO (Primitive Science, Stamina) |✣|✣|✣|✣



Honing his skills since 2001, Joey HoboMojo stuck close to his first loves, Drum and Bass and turntablism, but it’s obvious that he’s heavily influenced by funk, rock and reggae. He prides himself on his eclectic musical choices and DJing styles, which show evidence of his growing up in Los Angeles and moving to the Bay Area. His signature DJing landed him a job with Cheech & Chong’s North American Tour, which was sponsored by Live Nation. That ‘little’ gig solidified his place behind the decks, making playing in front of thousands of people no big deal, as he did on a regular basis.

After almost 12 years of being active in the scene, Joey Mojo shows no signs of slowing down. His musical tastes, much like his style and skill have evolved and now incorporate elements of hip-hop, drumstep, dubstep, reggae and dancehall. He also attends San Francisco State University, where he’s studying music business and music production.

His current residencies include Oakland-based Primitive Science
This month Dystopia presents a very special evening celebrating Halloween, Samhain, DJ R3M’s aka Michael Remson’s birthday and Osby's 25th birthday! We have a stellar evening planned for all of our fam bam, supporters and loyal Dystopian’s which will include an incredible lineup,...
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