Dyatribal with Carlos Reyes and Twin Harps

Event has passed (Thu Mar 15, 2018 - Thu Mar 15, 2018)
Ashkenaz Music & Dance Community Center
9:00 PM - 11:59 PM


DyaTribal creates jubilant dance music inspired by India, Arabia, Africa, and every corner of the Americas. Tonight they have collaborated with two local favorites to energize your body, spirit, and mind. The evening begins with Twin Harps, who have led thousands of people into spiritual bliss. Then Grammy winning Paraguayan Harp Virtuoso Carlos Reyes creates a Latin multicultural fantasia with a gradually increasing rhythmic pulse. As the music travels through the many mansions of Carlos' memory and imagination, percussion and drums will appear, then increase in intensity and power, climaxing with the driving electric fusion music that has made him an international radio star. Carlos will then join DyaTribal on his electric violin for World Music dancing.

Each DyaTribal musician brings something different to the mix for every song, resulting in creations that are more than the sum of their parts. Touchstyle Veena player Teed Rockwell had over a hundred classes with sarod maestro Ali Akbar Khan, and also studied with sitarists Shahid Parvez and Habib Khan. His playing in DyaTribal combines ragas with funk, uniting bass and melody lines by tapping the strings simultaneously with both hands. Vocalist Deborah Axe' sings and composes original lyrics in Spanish, English, Portuguese, Sanskrit & Arabic. Raised on the blues, she combines a three & a half octave range & the ability to hold a note for over 30 seconds. Drummer/Inventor Andy Graham has designed and built custom instruments for Stevie Wonder and Indian multipercussionist Sivamani. He also designed the drum set with 3 rack-mounted didgeridoos that provides the many different dyatribal beats, both electric and acoustic.

Dancing in any style you choose or create is encouraged at every stage of this musical experience. Call it what you will - a ritual, a festival, a party, a night on the town, - it will be an evening you won't forget