Sat January 19, 2019

Distributed Saturdays! Creator Edition + Block is Hot Performances

at Starfish Mission: Blockchain-centric, Protocol-agnostic Community, Education, Events (see times)
Calling all developers, photographers, artists, graphic designers, game designers, musicians, art collectors...anyone interested in finding out how digital creations can actually be made valuable.

This very special Distributed Saturdays: Creators' Edition + Block is Hot event joins forces in uplifting creators inspired by the movement towards decentralization.

Blockchain devs, artists & musicians will explore, learn & build together, followed by entertainment, art & vendors provided by Block is Hot. (Hosted by Guled Muse, aka DJ Tongkat Ali)

• 12:00pm to 4:00pm is about learning: Artists, designers, photographers, musicians and supporters of the arts can learn about how blockchain seeks to benefit all creators. ***Put your photographs and digital art on the blockchain!***
• 5:00pm to 9:00pm is about entertainment: Block is Hot presents hip-hop, freestyle rap, live art and vendors.
• Bring your friends!

A Chicago artist by the name of Kerry James Marshall donated a painting for auction to raise money for a museum. It sold for $700k. It then turned up on Christie's auction list and was valued at at up to $1.5 million at the time. It sold for $5 million. He saw no royalties from any of those sales.

Fast fashion giant, Zara, often steals and blatantly creates exact copies of works from independent artists, including Tuesday Bassen, Maria Ines Gul, Mokuyobi, and more.

Just recently, 7.8 millions user accounts for the mobile browser game, Town of Salem, were hacked.

And there's the classic story of the young man, Shawn Fanning, of Napster who ruined it for musicians the world over by scaling the peer-to-peer trade of music over the internet.

As artists and consumers of digital assets, today we get effed the world over. The effing's got to stop.

• Blockchain 101, with emphasis on how blockchain hopes to benefit creators + general overview of current live dapps and services for creators (Led by Ann Marie Alanes)
• What to be wary of in the crypto world (Led by Matt Quinn)
• Showing non-techies, musicians & artists how to download and use a wallet that accepts ETH (Led by Matt Quinn)
• Give a tour and onboard creators to MakersPlace: A blockchain-based, easy-to-navigate, online marketplace for digital creators and collectors. (Led by Dannie Chu & Ryoma Ito)
• Block is Hot performers and creators who attended Distributed Saturdays' Creator Edition program will share their performance talents with the community. (Hosted by Guled Muse)

Blockchain Developers are also welcome for the following morning events:
• Art + Blockchain Build-a-thon: Wanna build a blockchain-based art installation, or a decentralized app or online service that benefits creators? Come by and let's brainstorm! Devs will also be building an art auction smart contract, connecting an art piece to the Ethereum blockchain. We welcome any other art + blockchain-oriented tech projects. (Led by Matt Quinn)
• Peer-to-Peer Learning: Are you a developer that would like to learn languages used for blockchain? Come to this self-learning session where you can go through the several online tutorials like CryptoZombies for Solidity, Hyperledger Tutorials, Go instructional videos, etc. Experienced devs will be close by to help you through.
• White Paper "Book Club": Breakdown and analysis of problems & solutions as outlined by blockchain companies (Led by Madeeha)
• Programmable Money: Fode Diop and Engineer from the 0x Project will guide attendees through 0x LaunchKit & 0x Instant to quickly prototype ideas. This is your perfect opportunity to build a DEX or decentralized exchange. (Led by Brandon Millman from 0x & Fode Diop)

Subject to change / additions

Build-a-thon for Developers
10:00am - 1:30pm Art + Blockchain Build-a-thon
10:00am - 3:00pm Peer-to-Peer Learning
11:00am - 1:00pm White Paper "Book Club": 0x
1:00pm - 3:00pm CoinList + 0x Hackathon Workshop

Blockchain for Creators
12:30pm Networking / Break
1:00pm What's blockchain? + Benefits of blockchain to creators + What's out there that you can use right now?
1:45pm Q&A
2:00pm How to download a wallet + What to watch out for when accepting crypto
2:45pm Q&A
3:00pm MakersPlace: Creator Tour and On-boarding
3:45pm Q&A
4:00pm Food & Drink

Block is Hot
5:00pm Doors open to public / DJ: DJ Indigo Souljah
5:30pm Intros: Guled, Ann Marie (Starfish), Dannie (MakersPlace)
5:45pm 1st Performance: Taste Nate
6:15 Break
6:25pm 2nd Performance: Matt Kelly
6:55pm Break
7:05pm 3rd Performance: Abbas Muhammad
7:35pm Break
7:45pm 4th Performance: A.R. The Believer
8:15pm Break
8:25pm DJ + Thank Yous: DJ Tongkat Ali Cypher
9:00pm Party moves downstairs to Forgery Bar


Distributed Saturdays is a bi-weekly blockchain-centric and protocol-agnostic learning fest for all knowledge levels, technical and non-technical. Our educational format features 3+ learning tracks at any given time, and recurring sessions such as Peer-to-Peer Learning, White Paper Book Club, Blockchain 101 + A Fresh New Angle, and the newly added Build-a-thon where developers get a chance to try out different tools and platforms or build together. Distributed Saturdays is a Starfish event held in partnership with SF Ethereum.

Telegram supergroup for this event:


Block is Hot is a Monthly Artist Showcase that aims to provide early exposure to those unfamiliar to cryptocurrency and blockchain, as well as generate a new user experience for crypto users to utilize their wallets. Each event will have performers (hip-hop), live art, and vendors that will accept payment in both fiat and cryptocurrency for their goods and services.


A platform that empowers creators to better manage and sell their work. Artists, photographers and more use MakersPlace to create and sell their work online through the use of blockchain technology.


Programmable Money is a hands-on Meetup led by top blockchain developer, Fode Diop. Please bring your laptop if you want to code along.

"Programmable money" is one shorthand example for smart contracts. As a simple example, you could create a payroll smart contract that pays a fixed amount of coins/tokens/whatever at a certain time each month to a given ERC20 compliant address. -- Hacker News

We believe that smart contracts are amazing and we should get this knowledge to as many people as possible so they can start experimenting. We are a hands-on workshop on how to program cryptocurrencies, crypto collectibles, blockchains, smart contracts and much more.


For entry-level workshops, any portable computer will do because we will be strictly working in the browser. For more advanced sessions you will, unfortunately, need a Mac OSX or a Linux computer if you want to follow along.

Please join our Telegram Group for updates:
Calling all developers, photographers, artists, graphic designers, game designers, musicians, art collectors...anyone interested in finding out how digital creations can actually be made valuable. This very special Distributed Saturdays: Creators' Edition + Block is Hot event jo...
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Class / Workshop, Art

Starfish Mission: Blockchain-centric, Protocol-agnostic Community, Education, Events
1535 Mission St., San Francisco, CA 94103


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