Direct to Earth: Luke Hess

Event has passed (Fri Apr 26, 2013 - Fri Apr 26, 2013)
9pm - 4am
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Direct to Earth hits the Void sound system at Monarch once again featuring:

LUKE HESS [DeepLabs / FXHE / Echocord / Planet-e]

Born in 1980 and raised in the Detroit area, Luke Hess has harnessed a deep appreciation for electronic music and the expression of the underground movement.

His background in mathematics and engineering has given him a scientific approach to the dance floor, using frequencies, tones, and soundscapes to transform surroundings and mood.
In 2003 he recorded his first promotional mix CD release for UR/Submerge. Since then, his faith based music production has landed him a seat with FXHE and Planet-e in Detroit.

His debut album was released in early May 2009 by Denmark based label Echocord.
In 2010 he began his own interpretation of Detroit techno with his new Detroit project and record label - DeepLabs.

His sophomore album “Keep On” was released on FXHE records in 2012 and received a Recommended 4.5/5 rating on Resident Advisor.

Hess is regarded as a perfectionist in his live sets and behind the decks layering his tracks in a very detailed and hypnotic manner.
He has played at notable venues and events such as Tresor (Berlin), Culture Box (Copenhagen), Berghain (Berlin), Unit (Tokyo), Detroit Electronic Music Festival (Detroit), Fabric (London), The End Up (San Francisco), Golden Pudel (Hamburg), Sirup (Zagreb), Weekend Club (Berlin), Cubic Club (Madrid), Space (Ibiza), The Bunker (NYC) and many other venues all over the world.

Luke’s continued hard work in the studio and in his performances combined with his unyielding interest in technology and sound will no doubt stimulate the boundaries of electronic music.

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NASA defines the signal transmission from outer orbit space craft to earth as DTE. We attempt to embody this transmission, become the source and reach out to new audiences. We here at DTE find the music we play and the talent we bring to our events just as exotic as alien planets. We hope to cultivate a positive impact here on earth via sound waves and experimentation. We are DJs, producers, party people, ravers, gear heads, bankers, photographers, weirdos, dancers, bartenders and brewers who find life all the more amusing when the sound system is loud, the drinks are stiff, and the DJ is actually playing what they imagined they would play .

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  1. Monarch 101 6th Street, San Francisco, CA