Cuba: The Architecture of Memory

Event has passed (Sat Mar 30, 2013 - Sat Mar 30, 2013)
Calumet Photographic
3:30 to 5:00pm
Arts, Photographer, Gallery


Over the course of twelve years, fine art photographer Charles Anselmo has recorded many changes in Havana while continuing with portfolios focused upon one of the most unique image resources in the world. As Cuba advances inevitably towards the threshold of significant change, its photographic iconography remains inspired by a fascinating fusion of architectural forms, history and social realities.

Referencing his photographs currently on display in the Calumet Gallery, Anselmo will address the artistic as well as practical issues facing American photographers who wish to engage the incredibly rich diversity of Cuba's urban culture for the first time.

From the role of social context in image capture to the internal dialog of theme development, and also to his personal journey as a photographer who has returned to the island nearly thirty times, Anselmo will touch upon the experiences that have led him to many collaborations with Cuban artists, many friendships, and finally to leading workshops of American photographers eager to capture Havana's complex, elusive beauty.

CUBA: The Architecture of Memory, an exhibit of Anselmo's images on paper and silk, will be on view in the gallery through April 8th.


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