Club Cheval

Event has passed (Sat Jul 30, 2016 - Sat Jul 30, 2016)
$15 - $25


Ask any great group and they will tell you the same; there is something magical that happens when they get in a room together and make music. Club cheval are no different. When Canblaster, Myd, Sam Tiba and Panteros666 -­‐ each one a unique visionary from across the varied and vibrant French club music scene -­‐ come together they bounce off one another, daring each other with new ideas and striving to better one another.
Together the four have created Club cheval , a place where genres melt together and become one; only making sense when put in order by the four members of the group.
Club cheval’s desire to innovate, to improve and to continue getting bigger extends into the live world too. The group explains that “the live show is as important as the album” and promises that when they get on stage things will be “really different.” They add: “The album is designed for home listening -­‐ on the streets, in your car. The live show will be more fun and unpredictable.”

Adapt, innovate, combine, create – this is the Club cheval way. As they say so perfectly, “Evolution is in our music’s DNA. We’re always discovering new types of music that go with new emotions, new things we experience in life, and we share them among us. Our musical vibes are ever changing.”



  1. Mezzanine 444 Jessie Street, San Francisco, CA