Advent Group Ministries image
Advent Group Ministries is one of the most important charities in our communities helping chemically dependent teenagers with an innovative live in treatment program. Advent Group Ministries has been leading excellent community based initiatives for... more
For a century, the FRATERNAL ORDER of EAGLES has been a major influence Internationally, Nationally, Regionally, in our States and Provinces, AND most of all..... in our communities. It was the EAGLES who started Mothers Day, who provided the impe... more
Guadalupe River Park is a three-mile ribbon of park land that runs along the banks of the Guadalupe River in the heart of downtown San Jose from Highway 880 at the north, to Highway 280 at the south. It is a resource of regional importance to th... more
Italian American Heritage Foundation (IAHF) image
The Italian American Heritage Foundation offers many services to our members and our supporters. We own and manage the Italian American Heritage Foundation Cultural Center that features a research library, a history of Italians in Santa Clara County... more
Little Italy San Jose image
Little Italy San Jose helps promote Italian culture and businesses in San Jose. more
Our mission is to support Latino artists to create and showcase new work in the visual, literary, and performance arts to help define, interpret, and transform society. While most Latino community based art organizations have concentrated on the pres... more
NextSpace is the workplace for the new economy. NextSpace provides innovative physical and virtual infrastructure that freelancers, entrepreneurs, and creative class professionals need to succeed in the 21st century knowledge economy. In an incr... more
We support financially challenged athletes by managing donations made in support of their national, world, and olympic endeavors. We manage financial aspects of training for all athletes. Monetary assistance to National Competitors, Worldwide Sport C... more
San Jose Jazz image
San Jose Jazz is a 22 year old public benefit corporation dedicated to promoting jazz through performance and education to enrich the lives of the people in our community. San Jose Jazz serves San Jose, CA and the Silicon Valley, one of the most rich... more
The San Jose Peace Center was founded in 1957 by individuals profoundly concerned about peace and justice issues, especially the growth of nuclear arsenals and atmospheric nuclear testing. More than sixty years later, the Peace and Justice Center, a... more
San Jose Scottish Rite Center image
As part of the San Jose Scottish Rite Foundation's community support, the Center houses the San Jose Scottish Rite Childhood Language Disorders Clinic. Through this community resource, educational assistance is provided to children within the communi... more
For 30 years, San Jose Taiko (SJT) has been mesmerizing audiences with the powerful, spellbinding and propulsive sounds of the taiko drums. Inspired by traditional Japanese drumming, SJT performers express the beauty and harmony of the human spirit t... more
The San José Woman's Club (SJWC) provides scholarships for local students, funds local and women's charitable organizations, preserves its landmark Clubhouse, and provides a home for like-minded people to gather together to enjoy camaraderie a... more
Santa Clara Valley Bowling Association image
Santa Clara Valley Bowling Association is a local licensed charter of the United States Bowling Congress. Responsible for USBC Membership, Awards processing, Certification of Bowling Centers, Enforcement of rules and regulations of the USBC for the s... more
Our purpose is to create a healthy community, environment, and economy through bicycling for people who live, work, or play in San Mateo and Santa Clara Counties.  We envision a community that values, includes, and encourages bicycling for all p... more
Silicon Valley Education Foundation image
Silicon Valley is one of the most forward-thinking regions in the world, setting the standard for innovation across industries. Yet, this is not always reflected in the performance in our schools. In the face of tight budgets, inconsistent resources,... more
Silicon Valley Faces image
Silicon Valley Faces is a non-profit organization serving Silicon Valley for over 45 years to build a caring and inclusive community, free of bias and bigotry, by bringing people together through education and supporting victims of crime. For Mo... more
Silicon Valley MARC Region is committed to helping members restore and drive their Ford Model A vehicles. Monthly meetings are the first Wed. of each month at 7:00pm The Fish Market on Blossom Hill Road near Oakridge Mall.  See our web site... more
SJMade image
San Jose Made (SJMADE) is a vendor fair where local San Jose makers, labels, brands, small businesses, and artists showcase and sell current projects and goods. Set inside vacant buildings in the city of San Jose, San Jose Made is quirky, creat... more
The Almaden Cycle Touring Club (ACTC) image
The Almaden Cycle Touring Club (ACTC) is a group of about 1000 bicycle enthusiasts based in the south San Francisco Bay area. Emphasis is on group fun and safety, with a variety of bicycling related events for a wide range of ability levels. The club... more
United Vietnamese Americans image
United Vietnamese Americans ("UVA") was established in 2003 as a volunteer and social organization to help better our community through service projects and to provide a forum for our community to come together. Through a sense of civic duty, UVA... more
Viet Heritage Society image
The Viet Heritage Society is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization whose mission is to preserve and promote Vietnamese culture and history through the establishment of cultural venues and educational programs. On August 27, 2006 the Viet Heritage So... more