Carnival of Memories: A Wonderland Story

Event has passed (Sun Oct 14, 2018 - Sun Oct 14, 2018)
02:00 PM
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Welcome to the World of Wonderland!
Carnival of Memories: A Wonderland Story
In Carnival of Memories: A Wonderland Story, join Alice and her sister Margaret on a new brand-new, two-hour quest through a Festival in Wonderland in search of the secrets of Alice's lineage. You'll navigate games, shows, a hunt for the Jabberwocky, and a rabbit hole that takes you back in time to Wonderland's past as you unravel the mysteries of Alice's childhood and her fantasy land.
Carnival of Memories is a two-hour immersive experience. Tickets are $85. Each show features 5 waves of 4 guests each. Carnival of Memories features moments of crawling and darkness and is not recommended for guests with claustrophobia or mobility issues.
The Story
Wonderland goes deeper than you ever imagined. The Rabbit Hole is waiting...
It's time to return to Wonderland! This time, you'll get swept up in a Wonderland-wide festival, full of games, shows, and a hunt for the Jabberwocky. Prepare to step into Wonderland's past, and unearth the mystery of Alice's lineage... Along the way, you'll enter the Caterpillar's hookah den, play croquet with the Tweedles, get to know the Red and White Queens, join a troupe of actors, and burrow through rabbit holes within rabbit holes until you get a taste of Wonderland back in the day!
The Story of Carnival of Memories: A Wonderland Story
Alice is all grown up, and she's expecting! Her sister Margaret is hosting a baby shower for Alice and her friends (that's us), though the day is somewhat overshadowed by the recent passing of their mother, the stern Lorina. When Margaret discovers notes suggesting that Lorina had visited Wonderland as a child, Alice and Margaret will plunge down the rabbit hole on a mission to retrace their mother's footsteps that will find them in the midst of a rollicking festival, a royal jubilee, a hunt for the Jabberwocky, and a journey through time.
Tickets and Chronology
Carnival of Memories is a standalone sequel to our original Wonderland, now titled Between Two Worlds. You absolutely need no prior knowledge to enjoy Carnival of Memories, but your experience of Alice will be deepened by seeing both! Carnival of Memories is a two-hour long experience. Tickets are $85.
Important Information:

All guests must sign a waiver when checking in to their performance.
All guests must be at least 21 years of age.
No recordings of any kind are allowed by guests.
Closed-circuit video and audio recording is used to ensure the safety of guests, actors, and staff.
All guests must follow all instructions by staff and performers of the show.

What is immersive theatre?
You will be an active participant in the performance! Scenes will include you and your fellow audiences members in the performance.
Where is the performance?
Carnival of Memories takes place at a secret location within two blocks of the 16th and Mission BART Station in San Francisco. The day before the experience, ticket buyers will receive an email with the exact address. If you have any trouble, email [email protected]
I want to buy tickets for friends. How will they discover the location?
When you check out, you are able to enter the names and emails of your friends, so that they can receive the email telling them the location of the experience. You are also able to return to edit this information after buying the tickets. Make sure to enter their emails, or else you'll be the only one alerted to the location, and you'll have to forward it on to your friends!
How long is the experience? When should I show up?
The experience lasts two hours. Please arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled time. The experience begins on time and late entry is not possible. If you are not present five minutes prior to your performance time, your tickets may be forfeited without refund.
What is the difference between the five waves?
Each hour, twenty guests are able to enter Wonderland. Guests enter in groups of four, approximately three minutes apart, so tickets are labeled by which wave they are part of. Each wave gives guests a similar experience. One ticket allows a single guest to enter, so each guest must have their own ticket.
I'm claustrophobic, have mobility concerns, or have issues with small, enclosed spaces.
This edition of Carnival of Memories features tunnels and dark spaces. It is not recommended for guests with claustrophobia or mobility issues.
Can I bring my kids?
We are limiting this edition of Carnival of Memories to guests 21 years of age or older, but are actively working on creating kid- and family-friendly material for the future, so stay tuned!
What should I bring with me?
As little as possible. While a complimentary coat check will be available, we ask that guests keep personal items to a minimum.
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Epic Immersive has produced multi-acre immersive theatrical experiences with hundreds of actors in fully-developed fictional cities, hosted intimate experiences in hidden speakeasies and secret societies, and collaborated with multidisciplinary and multicultural artists from genres like hip-hop, circus, ballet folklorico, taiko drumming, opera, jazz, and more.


  1. Wonderland 500 Haight Street, San Francisco, CA