Caffeine presents: MARIOKE @ GDC 2018

Event has passed (Thu Mar 22, 2018 - Thu Mar 22, 2018)
Public Works
07:00 PM
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Friends. Marioke is coming back to San Francisco during GDC 2018 and it's going to be bigger than ever.
Thanks to our best-friends-forever Caffeine we're taking over Public Works SF for a night and we're throwing our biggest party yet. It will be loud, it will be memorable and it may never happen again so we're putting everything we have into it. We'd like YOU to join us.
Don't know what Marioke is? Imagine 500-ish karaoke pop songs rewritten as dumb jokes about videogames and performed by the best people in the world, i.e. you. This isn't half-hearted background-noise bar room karaoke, either. We run Marioke like the best concert of your life, except you are the singers and the crowd. Everyone roars you to the mic and everyone celebrates every song. No-one dies alone. It's ridiculous and thrilling, stupid and funny, always brilliant and often literally unbelievable. 
Need a change of pace? Take a breath, head to our chill-out area and you'll find the first ever Botnik Live. You'll know internet sensations Botnik from their work remixing J. K. Rowling or Seinfeld or Coachella etc.; they'll be joining our game-adjacent party, hosting some all-new interactive #botnik #game #content, remixed by you and their dedicated Botmasters.
And when the Marioke ends at midnight and our voices are gone and hearts are full to bursting, Plustype will inject Public Works' PA with his music syringe and we will break our bodies on the dancefloor until the venue closes. Listen, Fridays at GDC are just a drawn-out hangover anyway; let's shut down the week in a way we'll never forget.
Marioke sold out in eleven minutes last year. This year we're at a venue twice the size but we still expect to sell out fast. Caffeine's generosity means the tickets are actually cheaper than last year, defying Brexit and the global economic meltdown, so act accordingly.
THIS IS VITAL: Doors open at 7PM, YOUR TICKET ONLY GUARANTEES ENTRY BEFORE 9.30PM. After 9.30PM we'll let people pay on the door until the venue is full, and after that it'll be one-in, one-out. Your ticket will still be valid after 9.30PM but you may have to queue for entry if the venue's already at capacity. 
Set times:




Sign-ups for songs will start when the doors open so get there early to book your place on stage. If you want to see the current songlist it's online here. There'll be drinks, of course, and plenty of opportunity to #network, but there's a lot of that sort of thing elsewhere during GDC. This is the only place you'll hear your friends sing Total Eclipse of the Heart about Mario Kart, guaranteed.
Marioke and Caffeine operate a strict safe-space policy. You can read that in full here but the long and short is that Marioke is the best time for everyone and we won't tolerate any shenanigans. If you're there and feel uncomfortable, find one of us and we'll sort it out.
About Marioke:
Marioke was created in 2011 by Simon Byron, Ste Curran and Ann Scantlebury, hosts of UK videogame radio show One Life Left. It's now a fixture at studio parties, game launches and conferences across the world. This will be their fifth show at GDC. Click here for their site. For booking enquiries email [email protected]
About Caffeine:
Caffeine is a new social broadcasting platform for gaming, entertainment, and the creative arts that allows you to engage in real-time with the broadcaster or your viewers. For more information check out their platform.
About Botnik:
Botnik is a community of writers, artists and developers collaborating with machines to create strange new things. The community is open to everyone. Visit their site here:
Are there ID or minimum age requirements to enter the event?
Ages 21+ only, sorry. Bring ID. You know what America's like. 
Why do ticket holders have to be in the venue by 9.30PM?
GDC is amazing chaos and plans change all the time. But that meant that the first couple of shows we did were somehow both sell-outs and half empty, with hundreds of people who couldn't get in and nothing we could do about it. For the last two years we've allowed people without tickets to pay on the door for the second half of the night until the venue is full, which means more people get to Marioke even if they haven't managed to get a ticket.
The other reason is that otherwise you'll miss out on 90 minutes of A+ karaoke, obviously.
I don't have a ticket. Can I get one on the door?
See above! Turn up at a little before 9.30PM and (at least based on previous years; it's hard to be absolutely certain because we're at a new venue) it should work out.
What's the refund policy?
If you discover you can't make it after buying a ticket please refund it as soon as you can -- you'll be able to do that up to seven days before the event and we'll pass your space on to someone on the wait list. 
Can I contact the organiser with any questions?
Of course! There's a contact form on our site (or you can try gdcparty @ that domain).


  1. Public Works 161 Erie Street , San Francisco, CA