Brandon Smith Cityscapes at the Telegraph Hill Gallery

Event has passed (Tue Jul 8, 2014 - Fri Aug 8, 2014)
{TH(e) Gallery} Telegraph Hill
1:30 - 6:30 PM


The Telegraph Hill Gallery is pleased to announce an exhibition of the recent work of San Francisco Bay Area artist and realist painter Brandon Smith. The exhibition runs from July 7, 2014 to August 8, 2014 with an opening reception on Friday July 11, 2014 from 6:00 to 8:00 PM. The show titled "Quintessentially San Francisco" will feature 16 oil paintings of San Francisco cityscapes where Smith explores the essence of light and atmosphere in his rendition of the city’s sweeping views and iconic landmarks.

Jeremy Mann and Greg Gandy, two artists held in high regard, not only by Smith but also by the American and international art world, give their perspective of Smith “the man and the artist” as only they can. Mann and Gandy both have the unique position of being Smith’s regular painting companions, former students, and two of his closest friends.

“Brandon’s fresh and direct approach to painting is applied almost effortlessly in his work. It was through his guidance I discovered that impressionistic painting is not an effortless bravura, but rather is born from an intense knowledge and view of life practically impossible to define in words, but easily discovered within his work.” Jeremy Mann

“The glory of having a friend like Brandon is not his desire to help, nor his kind demeanor, nor the joy of his companionship, but rather it is the creative inspiration that comes when you see his work and understand his passion for what he creates. Brandon has inspired many artists, like myself, to be the best version of oneself both artistically and in life. I own two of Brandon’s paintings, and I find that viewing them has the power to calm me and take me to another place. I am a huge fan.” Greg Gandy

Smith is influenced by Edouard Manet, contemporary Spanish painter Antonio Lopez Garcia and painters from the Dutch Golden Age. He has a deep knowledge rooted in the tradition of the old masters. Smith blends this influence and his deep technical knowledge in perfect harmony in his paintings. “I like to impart a timeless quality on the contemporary subject matter.” Smith is thoughtful with his composition and uses a subdued color palette, referenced to the masters, to extract a broad range of values. He approaches realism using deliberately loose brushworks evoking energy and vibrancy yet retaining an overall sense of serenity.

Smith considers the interaction with landscape a universal emotion. In this body of work he explores the essence of light and atmosphere in his execution of the city views and iconic landmarks. “I am greatly informed by my surrounding and I am impassioned by its immense beauty which I hope resonate in my work.” He takes particular aim in portraying the cityscapes in different light of day. The result is a delicate representation of the city’s misty mornings, quickly changing to hazy gray, and moving to light fog. Smith with seeming ease achieves in capturing the atmospheric and ethereal quality in his cityscapes.

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